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extra_m13 does more than just post hot picsextra_m13 does more than just post hot picsextra_m13 does more than just post hot pics

that is a very interesting question. ill put my cent to this thread. personally, phisically i have a very clear idea of what i like. i like curvaceous bodies, soft and jiggly, cellulite all over is just fantastic. lower half being heavier. belly but not only belly of course. but at the end, as it has been said correctly in this forum, the most important thing is the attitude of the lady towards her curves, food and weight.

i dont think i have an exact number in terms of pounds that i like, height matters a lot and even do i love fat women i dont think it would be a nice thing to be with a woman who couldnt walk a few ft without getting out of breath, after all, traveling, visiting places and having fun requires some physical activity sometimes. there are natural wonders to visit.

all said. the most erotic and exciting thing for me is a women that gains weight and accepts it happily. who has a big appetite and enjoys seeing her belly grow and doesnt mind buying bigger clothes. that is the elixir of pleasure for me.
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