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I've only met one FFA, she worked in a store I frequented, and after 6 months of going in on a regular basis and talking in passing, she started to call me "big papa"(should have been my first hint). After a year of she and I having more casual conversations I think we both sort of looked forward to talking once or twice a week. After 2 years she let me know that she was interested in big guys but didn't say that she was interested in me specifically (apparently, I too have been so conditioned to think she must have been talking about someone else that I didn't think she could have possibly been talking about me). About a month after that while heading into the store per usual, we had our little talk and I started to walk away. Suddenly she came up behind me and proceeded to basically grab me by the nipple and she wanted to get my number.... which shocked the living bejezzus out of me. She then proceeded to write down her number and said she would like to go out.

I honestly didn't know what to do once I got home and mulled it over... I've never had that reaction from anyone before or since, and never expected this extremely attractive woman to give me the light of day outside of our chats. I thought she must have been fucking with me, and I never called. Looking back a year later, I would say that I seriously fucked up by not realizing/not seeing/being too afraid to see the ques....

So to those FFAs out there... I'd say take it slow, and don't grab a moob then ask for/give out a number.

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