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Jerry Thomas can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJerry Thomas can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Post You may be a fat boy if ...

Here are a few more. I didn't read through the whole thread, so apologies if any are repeats.

You may be a fat boy if . . .

Your mother-in-law steers you away from her antique furniture when you visit.

You haven't seen your toes (or whatever) in 14 years.

You could be a sumo wrestler if you lost 100 pounds or so.

You always have the seat all to yourself when you ride the bus.

The airlines have you tagged in their computer as a "customer of size."

Teenage girls take your photo so they can post it on Facebook.

Friends wonder how you and your girlfriend "do it."

You have to wear surgical scrubs even though you don't work in a hospital.

Well-meaning strangers remove food from your cart at the supermarket.

Children hide behind you when they play hide-and-seek.

You always get caught in the middle of the crosswalk when the light changes.

You have cleavage when you put your hands together.

You wear a t-shirt when you go swimming at the beach.

You need help putting on your shoes and socks.

Your health insurance company sends you unsolicited material about bariatric surgery.

Little kids point at you at the beach and say, "Look mommy, he's got boobies just like yours!"

You're in big trouble if you drop something on the floor.

People spread their arms and puff out their cheeks when they see you.

Your stretch marks have stretch marks.
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