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Thank you for everyone's responses. I was never attracted to bigger women until my wife and I had a baby and she gained some baby weight (bigger boobs butt and legs) and I found her incredibly sexy. My wife is one of those people with a fast metabolism and she lost all the baby weight in a couple of months and is now 150 pounds and 5ft 6in. She eats whatever she wants and doesn't really gain weight only after we had a baby.

After she lost the weight I started looking at porn with larger women and learned that I found BBWs very attractive. I never really used to look at porn before and only look at it once or twice a week now. I still am attracted to my wife even though she isn't larger. I love her very much and we still have a good sex life. I'm still not sure on if I should tell her but that's how I came to have a BBW fantasy.
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