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I myself was unaware of the submissive/dominant aspect of it until recently. Although there are some who say Hitler was one of those who loved being peed on as an act of submission. I have no dominant or submissive tendencies or urges. Nothing on the we are so dirty either. No mommy issues either. I totally love the wetness and warmth and can perform or get excited just by the act of my partner peeing on me. Squirting would be great too. Never experienced the squirting aspect. I am turned on by the nature of her having a full bladder and just love the release all over my genitals. I am open to peeing on her too. Just enhances the whole experience of love making for me. Also just sitting in my lap facing me and releasing her bladder filled pee. Not into drinking it or having it on my face just in the genital area. I have heard too that insertion with her bladder full enhances the feeling for both. Have just started or toyed with the feeling for me with my bladder full. I have read several articles don't know if they are scientifically verified that say squirting fluid is or contains pee. Can't comment as I don't know or have firsthand data. I would think squirt fluid originates in the vagina and pee from the urethra. I could see myself married to an ssbbw bed wetter and doing things to enhance the possibility of occurring. Cuddle her all night, never leaving the bed.
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