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Originally Posted by fuelingfire View Post
I wont pretend to know everything you have been through, and I might be reading this wrong from what was written. I know a lot of people have different views on relationships. I am under the impression you are a model, which might mildly alter my response. Due to hearing that BBW models often interact with fans and form friendships. From what I have heard.

I would not want to be in a relationship with someone who had backups behind me, just in case. I know some people hate being alone. If a girl I was dating told me that she needed to be met emotionally/mentally with other guys. I would see it as a flaw in the relationship. There might be exceptions, like a very long term friend that has no romantic intensions.

There is nothing wrong with having friends in the opposite sex. I have a lot more friends who are girls than guys.

I am not judging you, but just saying how I would feel if in that situation. Lots of people have different views on what they find acceptable in a relationship.

You are right but most of my relationships was before i was a model and it still happened. I was fresh out of college and my ex husband cheated i even followed him to the bar and he came out with two women and swore to me it wasn't him. I don't have as many fans as most of these models because I don't get naked and i don't show my private parts and that is what sets me aside from them. I have only dated one of my fans and he didn't cheat or anything he is a really good guy but as I told him it's the issues that I have. I know I have issues with trust and things I don't necessarily have to be with a man because I do have a friend who just gives me what I need and I don't have a commitment with him but we have been that way for over 8 years and we are just comfortable with each other. I was just getting opinions and I appreciate yours
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