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Originally Posted by happily_married View Post
That's good. I had a girlfriend years ago who routinely did it to me and as I said already it was for her about empowerment, control, and domination. She was actually a very toxic person and meant for it to be belittling to me but then it turned out I actually enjoyed it. Of course she only parlayed that into bragging material to her sister and some of her friends (ie: "I piss on my boyfriend and he thanks me for it.") and even though I enjoyed it, it was a bit embarrassing when she's tell others about it.
Not cool, im a firm believer what happens between two(or more if you're poly) consenting adults should stay between those two. But since you said she was toxic, and she spitefully did it, respect apparently wasn't there, glad you found out what you liked in the end and you got away.
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