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Originally Posted by waldo View Post
I hear what you are saying Waldo. If you read again I said you define your FA -ness I used my Supersize as an example. To get really specific, the fake Hero FA that likes a curvy gal that really doesn't fall into the true Fat spectrum is what annoys me. I can also say that in the Fat community there is just as much issue with judgement about the bigger people. I've expierenced the mindset from many that it is okay to be big but not that big, same type of prejudice just within the spectrum of fatties. Just as in life there is so much diversity in the fat community that all of our particular needs/issues don't always align. For example, I see people referring to Dimensions as a size positive space or a body positive space. I don't think that was the initial intention at all. The tag line for Dimensions is where big is beautiful. Body positivity is about self acceptance of your body, size acceptance is a watered down version of an weakly political concept that all sizes are accepted. Neither group meets my needs. Hope that makes sense, I think of it as Someone saying that Jessica Rabbit is their dream girl and since she is curvy that makes them on the cutting edge of activism for the curvy.
Yes, thanks for clarifying further. I agree that this whole size acceptance / body positivity thing has not done much of anything to help the serious civil rights issue of fat acceptance. And I agree that there are a lot who will say that being moderately larger than what society considers 'normal' weight should be perfectly acceptable, but don't you dare cross that size 20 or BMI 30 threshold, or it's off to the weight loss surgery with you!

Originally Posted by fuelingfire View Post
I think you are being to optimistic about what he wrote. Though what he write makes it sound like he could be a FA. Then look at the picture of the woman he is describing. The two don't fit. I posted those article, because other people are pointing out what he was saying wasn't really that nice.

I don't think I have ever gone to a comment section to troll, anywhere. These are the comments I would post, feel free to read them in your most sarcastic tones; Wow! You are attracted to normal size women? What's that like? How do you even have sex? Must be tough. He must have low self-esteem. Maybe he is just settling. She must have tricked him somehow. He must have an odd fetish.
I would peg her at about a size 14, so the two do fit. But I can understand where a much fatter person would look at her and be incredulous at what all the hubbub is about. As far as comments, what you posted fits in with a lot of the stuff I read in comments section on the topic. As an FA who identifies with this guy to an extent, it does not feel good to see people refer to him with nasty names like "hogger" or "beta-simp" or "cuck" and yes the old fetish label. Here I am thinking, if they think that badly of him for being with a moderately heavy woman, what must they think of me when they see me with my size 24 wife. And I am not trying to portray myself as a victim here, but more so I feel bad that we still have so many people (based on the majority of the online comments), who are more against fat acceptance than ever. And it's hard to even argue anymore with most of them harping on endlessly about the increased health risks of being fat.

As far as the attitude represented in the articles you posted (and yes I did read them), I think this is just interpreting the guy's post in the most negative light. I don't think his intention was to present himself as a 'hero' or a 'woke feminist' or anything other than a guy who is happy that he has chosen the path he did and encouraging others to do what they desire regardless of society's expectations.
quote: "Guys, rethink what society has told you that you should desire.......Girls, don't ever fool yourself by thinking you have to fit a certain mold to be loved and appreciated."
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
- Thomas A. Edison
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