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Default When talking about Feederism into some random FB page make me realize something

Subscribed since an year in a 18-to-29-yrs-old, multicultural, mostly-Black-&-Latino mundane Facebook page where people post every. Single. Night. Such f*cking sex-related awkard things that both the Kama Sutra, the Song of the Songs then "Fifty Shades Of Grey" seems merely for child books by comparison : y'all got half-thousands of likes and as much comments for threesomes, foursomes, incestuous sex, all the crap. 😒

Decided to post something about Feederism today just to play the game for one time... a dozen of comments with a majoritairy "Uuugh! Nasty! What's that madness???" , "I don't understand people sometimes" , "That sh*t again?" , "Whyyy??" Or "Not my cup of tea" level of bashing, y'all from commenters from black or white descent. Then barely two likes from a man and a woman, strangely both from Hispanic ethnicity.😒🤔

I don't know what's the most troublesome realization about it : the general hypocrisy, or the fact some reactionnal behaviors about Feederism seems to depend regarding both age group, sex, social middle and cultural background? 🤔🤔🤔

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