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I'm not sure. I'm from a Jamaican background. Jamaicans will tell fat people to lose weight to their face, but it's not usually said in a hateful manner. They're just bold. Our beauty standards regarding body type is more curvy than the standard body type preferred by Americans. There was a YouTuber named GlittersAndLazers who travelled to Jamaica, and noticed she was receiving a lot of male attention. There even songs made by men about fat preference. On the other hand, Jamaicans can be very homophobic. There's our double standard. [emoji51] But westernised Jamaicans hold the same attitudes as the countries they're living/born in. So, what I described above goes completely out of the window compared with my experiences of *British* Jamaican men. [emoji19]

I've heard many African enjoy bigger women. Depends on the culture, though. It's not uncommon among Nigerian men.

Anywho, let me stop rambling. [emoji14]

With feederism, many aren't familiar with it. It's unheard of to most people, maybe Hispanic people are more open to it. Interesting! I don't see a disproportionate number of them in BBW/BHM/Feederism forums and social media though.
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