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I don't have an answer as to what you should do. But don't tell your wife you want her to get fat or you'd like her to change in any way for that matter. Remember why you married her in the first place.

It should be safe for you to tell her that while she was pregnant you found the extra bit of weight a bit arousing. Immediately after letting her know that you don't want her to change and that you'd never leave her because of her size.
If you can't say something like that in your marriage then I feel for you.

So you discovered yet another type of women you are attracted to, big deal. Don't bother your women with those details. For all you know she could like BHMs, heck maybe even BBWs herself. Does it matter if she is upholding her commitment to you.

I knew when I took those vows that all those hotties that could have potentially been mine were off limits. That's just how it, that's what makes marriage hard, and that's OK. Don't go risking a good thing because you found some new thing you're into.

Also, lay off the porn. You know how when you get a mosquito bite and you keep scratching it, it's only gonna itch more. Your attraction to larger women will get worse, even more so with the more pornography you look at. So do yourself a favor and dial it back, off if you can.

Your wedding vows were for better or worse; that includes this little hiccup.
Uh-oh, I ate all the cookies.
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