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Originally Posted by Steve O View Post
I have always enjoyed being with a woman who is larger than me, and at 305 lbs thats a lot!.While I support anyone to be comfortable and secure with their bodies, it just seems from my experience that anyone I have met, either has weight loss surgery, or is dieting. There does not seem to be a lot of women who are 300+, and enjoy getting bigger.

At least I have not met any yet.
In my last relationship, we both put on weight. We both were big eaters and I was looking to get to the 250lbs I am now. We were both conflicted about the eating/weight gain. She dieted and even asked me to join her as a means of support. I didn't want any of us to diet especially since I was so close to achieving my goal weight. I noticed that her weight loss was negligible over time and discovered she was cheating on the diet when I wasn't around.
Part of me found that hot that she kept eating but I felt deceived. I in turn deceived her by not completely admitting how much my feederism side was important to me. I didn't really know how important if was for me until we were together. I felt like it was highly unlikely I'd meet a gaining ssbbw. I felt I'd put the relationship in jeopardy and put myself under scrutiny any time a woman bigger than her was within our eyesight.
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