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Originally Posted by ssbbwhoneybee View Post
I haven't ever did anything like this, but I have a problem with commitment. NO I haven't always been this way but I was so faithful in my last 4 relationships and they all cheated on me. NOW I know I shouldn't treat everyone the same but damn how do you come back from that? I always make sure I have someone I am talking to just in case the one I am with start acting up. A man (I can only speak about a man because i never and don't ever planning to be with a woman) BUT a man don't know how much pain that can cause a woman! I am guessing it can do the same for a man who have been hurt just as bad. Yes I do the dating thing also BUT I can't casually have sex with random men because i am not that kinda woman and every time i lay down with my man or the man im with my emotions lay down with us. I can be faithful sex wise but emotional and mental i always feel like i need to talk to more than one man just to be on the safe side. What's your opinions. I can take it LOL hell this is hard and this is my life for real
Nvm. I replied without reading the thread.
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