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Originally Posted by fuelingfire View Post
I have overheard people saying I am not shallow more than a few times in my life. As an FA I find that extremely amusing. Now I don’t consider myself shallow because personality is extremely important to me. But that comment is usually said when someone dates either plain or ugly looking people. I have no interest in flirt with thin chicks, other than boredom. I get the feeling many people don’t see that, like thin people can be good looking or ugly, fat people can too.
So it strikes me as odd when I am dating a BBW who is a 10 in hotness (who also has a great personality) and hear people say that I am not shallow. I gave up on stopping people and saying “what are you talking about? She is hot.” Because they seem to think I am just being nice… I don’t want to freak these people out but would love to tell them. “I love the way her belly jiggles as she walks, she has the cutesiest double chin, and she has a big ass that is much wider than my lap.” All complements in my eyes. I am pretty sure that would just make me creepy.
I think this tread “Only in the FA World” is a great idea. I hope it stays alive for a while. I think it can bring up a lot of interesting interactions most people would never know about or talk about in person.
I can't think of a bigger issue with FA or anything remotely related to BBW.

There's a very real health concern for obese people. But there's a taboo too. And there's definitely some crony capitalism going on. There're woman who should be loving and enjoying life and can't because of self-loathing.

I saw a woman who couold lose 30 pounds and it's still healthy but you know what? She wanted to lose 50. Because she buys into all the cronyism. She's a victim of our culture. There're mental costs too.

We want to think since this is the USA--the most powerful country in the world--we're perfectly objective. We deny ignorance at every opportunity. We got the best scientists. We're prejudiced and don't realize it.
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