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Originally Posted by quantumbits View Post
I can't think of a bigger issue with FA or anything remotely related to BBW.

There's a very real health concern for obese people. But there's a taboo too. And there's definitely some crony capitalism going on. There're woman who should be loving and enjoying life and can't because of self-loathing.

I saw a woman who couold lose 30 pounds and it's still healthy but you know what? She wanted to lose 50. Because she buys into all the cronyism. She's a victim of our culture. There're mental costs too.

We want to think since this is the USA--the most powerful country in the world--we're perfectly objective. We deny ignorance at every opportunity. We got the best scientists. We're prejudiced and don't realize it.
America has far from the best scientists. It just has the most well-known. In fact, the health concerns associated with obesity have also been inflated beyond their actual scope, because of a few factors (the confusing of cause and correlation, interference from medical professionals, just believing what they've been taught, and confusing moderate and extreme cases are just a few factors that have tarnished the studies in this area.)

It also doesn't help that unexamined assumptions frequently interrupt the chain of rational thought on this issue. I read an article online not long ago, which reported on someone presenting the full depth of the evidence, showing just how little evidence there is to connect fatness, as such, with mortality, and how many other factors come into play with regard to mortality risks. The author of the article then, with blinders firmly on, remarked, "they're forgetting the fact that fat kills," without addressing any of the counter-arguments.

It's not too hard to notice these weaknesses in certain claims if you've trained yourself not to hold unfounded assumptions. A lot of people haven't gone through that training, though, and questionable claims continue to be broadcast as "scientific facts." This, I think, is the biggest obstacle right now, and the cardinal sin of modern science (and to a larger degree, the media that reports on it); claiming things can be proved "true," through observing correlations without larger context.
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