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It's been a while since I've observed anything like this. But the last girl I dated seriously before the woman I wound up marrying was attending grad. school and staying in a big apartment near the campus, sharing the space with several roommates.

She was thick/curvy herself, but short (only 5'0") and only weighed around 200lbs. -- so not exactly "furniture breaking" weight there.

But .... one of her roommates was a big, tall black gal who was built like a pro football quarterback. I'd say she was 5'10" or 5'11" with broad shoulders and a huge chest, but equally proportioned on her bottom half - with big hips, a big butt and massive thunder-thighs with heavily muscled calves. She had a nice belly pooch that hung out a little bit too, but definitely not the area that accounted for most of her weight. It was just enough to let you know this woman was probably a big eater. (And she was! My g/f showed me pans of food where she and one other girl ate a slice, and then this gal polished off the rest of the pan. She pretty much came through and ate any leftovers the rest of them had.)

The first time I ran into her over there, I felt her coming before I saw her. Their place was on the second floor and you could feel the floor vibrate with every step she took. (And that was impressive since it was a pretty solidly built place. I mean, my 200lb. g/f could jog or run around in there and you wouldn't feel it.)

When I went over there the next time after that, their metal futon was collapsed - with the metal bar in front bent and the frame caved in, in the middle. My g/f told me her roommate broke it, shrugging it off like everyone expected it to happen.

I found out later that they all liked her living with them because she was so strong, "built like a guy", and did all the furniture moving and heavy lifting when they moved in or wanted to re-arrange things. When my g/f passed out one time after drinking with friends, this girl literally scooped her up and carried her, tucked under one arm, upstairs and to bed!

One weekend, I went over there before my g/f got off work (was supposed to meet her there). Her roommates had a big party going on, and they were blasting loud rap music. I thought it was the bass shaking the floor at first. Then I looked in the main room and saw the roommate horsing around with several guys from the football team. They were playing some game where they had a red helium balloon floating around the ceiling and you had to jump up high enough to reach it, to swat it across the room. They were divided up into two teams on each side, but on HER team, she was letting guys hop up on her back and jumping as hard as she could to boost them up high enough to swat the balloon.

Basically, the whole thing was about checking out how strong her legs were and getting a kick out of how big a "boom" and "mini earthquake" they could make when she landed after each jump. (That and watching her huge chest heave wasn't bad either!)

I never did find out how much she weighed, but I did ask my g/f one time, since I saw she had a scale in the bedroom and it gave me an excuse to bring it up. She told me she wasn't sure but her roommate tried to weigh herself on that scale once and it just wrapped around the dial way past the 0 and hit bottom.

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Last week I was in the office of a beautiful woman. She was not so fat, but she has a great big ass. Behind her desk stands an extra long table and this was totally bended. I guess she sits there more often times and it is therefore bent. It was a nice view of the smiling table behind this sexy girl.
The table is not broken but I think it will come.
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