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Default Yeah, absolutely ...

I'm not at all into humiliation or any of that. I know some guys are, but that's really not my thing.

I wouldn't take any pleasure in a big gal breaking anything she was uncomfortable about breaking.

I know "Warrior" and I talked a long time ago about a girl, Brandi, I used to date, who was probably the most "open" woman I ever met about her weight and breaking things with it. When we first met, she off-handedly complained about her mom not letting her use her new bathroom scale because she was too afraid she'd break it, like she did a couple of others they owned earlier.

The interesting thing was, she didn't seem to have any idea that such things might be a "turn on" to a guy. She was just used to being a really big girl and other people sometimes being curious or fascinated that she was heavy enough to break something or other. When I tried to explain that I actually liked stuff like that, she seemed puzzled and asked "Why?" -- but seemed pleased that I got something out of it.

For example, I noticed an old rolling computer chair in her basement. It was one of those cheap ones you used to see for sale all the time at stores like Target, with a fabric covered seat and back piece screwed down onto an L shaped piece of metal that also bolted to the bottom of the seat. All the way across the front edge of the seat, it was snapped off about 6 inches back and just hanging there by the fabric cover. She said, "Yeah... I broke that one. Tucked my feet up under the chair and it my thunder thighs were too heavy for it to hold up. Guess you would have liked to see that, huh?" I said, "Yep! You know it!" She just laughed and showed me her replacement computer chair; a much better quality high back leather chair. That one worked fine for her except she showed me how the arms were loose on both sides and starting to fall off. She said, again, that's because her big legs and hips just push against them too hard when she sits in it.

Later on, she started teasing me occasionally, by asking "You think that could support my weight?" as she eyed various items possible to sit on, and would slowly lower herself onto them to see what happened. A big plastic Coleman cooler dented in a bit but held her, causing her to say "Wow! This thing is really well made!" At a hotel bathroom with one of those long counters suspended between two walls, she put her butt on the edge of it and slowly put more and more of her weight on it until it started making cracking noises. Then she hopped back off, concluding that "It's pretty strong... would hold a guy your size for sure. But I'm just a little too much for it."

We also got her to try sitting on her kid's old Power Wheels Jeep. She was going to throw it in the trash anyway since the battery was wearing out and her kid didn't play with it anymore. It was out on the driveway and her next-door neighbor came by, and decided to try riding it. (She was a woman who probably weighed around 150lbs.) Since the Jeep was really designed for two kids to ride side by side, she probably wasn't even much over the weight limit it was designed for, so she was able to straddle it and drive it around, out in the street and back. We begged Brandi to give it a try next. She knew, of course, that I'd enjoy seeing it - but I think the neighbor gal was genuinely curious if it could move someone a lot heavier like Brandi, too. She was kind of spilling over the seats but slowly squatted down over it and sat on it slowly. She had her feet still on the ground on each side of it, but put most of her weight on it. It sagged in back with the fenders touching the back wheels. Then she realized she had to lift her legs and use a foot to try to press the gas pedal to make it go. She lifted her legs, stretching them over the front of the Jeep. It made a loud snapping noise and the axles broke loose from the rest of the frame. We all laughed, and she declared it was done for and going to the curb.
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