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Default Toys and tools for force feeding?

This is going to read like a Penthouse Letter, sorry.

After a decade of feeling kinda hopeless about this exact thing ever happening, I recently confirmed with my new ~girlfriend~ that we both want to commit to our relationship and start moving toward the next steps. And, in this case, that includes really delving into both of our fairly extreme fantasies about feederism as a bdsm lifestyle... thing. Basically, she's going to be my dom feeder, and we plan to go very big. My previous peak weight was 340 lbs, and that's like nothing to her.

I want some kind of funnel gag or other force feeding tool for her to use on me, but it seems like the ones I can find on Amazon and other places have reviews that range from inconsistent to negative. Does anybody have recommendations? I know I see Ivy using one sometimes, but I don't know what the brand is or if it's good.
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