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Originally Posted by Ohio Lady View Post
I can say at one time I was at 475 felt bad, couldn't breathe due to COPD from second hand smoke and asthma from just a child.. Over time I went down to 378 after a tummy tuck where I had infection from the belly roll laying on my legs, since there I've tried to lose weight for my health.. For me being only 4'11" health issues were always popping up is why I have lost down to 334 and working on losing more where I can get to walking again more than short distances.

I would like to get under 300 where I can get moving again and keep up with my grandchildren.. This is what Happily Married was meaning and I didn't mean to create a stir up over this at all.. Sorry for all the misunderstanding since you didn't know the entire reason is to why my weight had come down. Thank you for the comment to the weight though.
I see. I've never had a chronic lung condition, (just my allergies, that sometimes keep me coughing all day at work,) so I can only imagine how lousy that must make you feel. I also once had an infection too, (though it didn't require anything more than neosporin to deal with,) so I know how scary those can be.

I didn't realize what your height was. My brother's wife is about your height, and when you're 4'11", a little goes a long way. I understand your reasons better now. I'm almost 6 feet, so for me, 280 feels absolutely tiny.

I don't have grandchildren, but I find that if I keep my nieces and nephews engaged with puzzles and games of skill, I can keep up with them just fine. Still, I can understand wanting to chase after the kids when they're running around, even though it's not a desire that I personally have.

Thank you for replying, and I hope you'll be in good health for many years from now. I promise, I never held anything against you, or blamed you for anything that's happened in my recent discussion with Happily. In fact, aside from the fact that it took the thread a bit off-topic, and was pretty confusing, I sort of enjoyed it.
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