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John Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot pics

In fiction, well there has this skinny white guy from an early-2000s Teen-genre movie whom I cannot remember his name but he was enamored for a plump black female student from a high school he visited.

There has also Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" who once stuffed up his wife Lois so much she quickly blimped out at the same stoutness he has and seemed at the beginning really satisfact to see his love experience obesity for once. The Marvel Comics edgy antihero/supervillains Deadpool who, during his journey like member of the Avengers in "Great Lake Avengers" started a romantic affair with his teammate Big Bertha, an mutant supermodel with the ability to manipulate the fabric between dimensions so she can turn after have gorged her tallish, strikingly skin-starving waif figure into an more colossal, Blob-lookalike (I mean Blob, the "X-Men" male villainous counterpart and subject to a everrruning fatshaming-related running gag in comic books since over an half-century) , gargantuanly obese vigileant grant with near-unvulnerability, superhumanly enhanced strength, athlete-level speed, interdimensionnal energy manipulation (well, that's basically a fat She-Hulk) , ecetera. Strangely, the night Wade Wilson discovered her depowered form same as she saw her unmasked face, they both vomited of horror at their respective sights (Wade cannot handling her skinny while she cannot handle the misfigured face of Wilson) .

During the 1984, first Post-Crisis Era from DC comic books mainstream storyline, they retconned Wonder Woman's brand first love interest Steve Trevor into a contemporairy-era U.S. Air army officer keeping originally a romantic involvment with the ample-figured Etta Candy (who was originally Diana's second supportive partner-in-adventure in the Golden then Silver Eras of comics) : however, because of the whole Jane Fonda-era of gymnophilia-o-mania, spandex bodysuits and mainstream bodyshaming, the character once figured as a proud BBW was then remade into a young lady with low-esteem regarding her overweight build and sought hopelessly to slim down.
That's she'll done to succeed, but not before that she and Steve broke up then that the handsome soldier turn in heart in favor to the tall, aerobically-lean-yet-big-bosomed, Barbie-esc Post-Crisis Princess of the Amazons.
In the second Post-Crisis era (2006 to 2011) , Etta Candy was alternativelly - confusely even - changed first into a taller and athletically-built African-American female spy, then a chubbier iteration of the first one, then an ambiguously white counterpart of the two latter ones, then into a thin black woman again, while the now-vanished New 52 era reprised her original appareance but shifted her sexuality so she was suggestivally lesbian then lusted about Wonder Woman and the Amazonians instead heterosexual.

In an alternate Marvel Comics storyline, the multibillionaire Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron Man) developped during his lifetime emotionnal overreating instead alcoholism and turned increasingly fat : in spite his obesity, the supergenius still manage to pick up all the women he want.
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