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John Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot pics

Well, my random F.A. confession...

1 - I always hoped since my tender childhood for a third opus "Nutty Proffessor" starring a female protagonist (played as well by a true female actress. Sorry, Eddie Murphy) , so it would be funny to see an extremely obese woman turn into a beachbody model and vice-versa. Or that it would be a little girl, not the big boy, who has enforced to stuff herself in the film "Maltida" (btw, what the hell this film is so creepy, so much fetishs inside it... ) ;

2 - "Totally Spies" somehow officially triggered my self-awareness about my attraction for women whose getting everincreasingly fat (thanks, Clover... by the way, did you know this theory about the Spy-Fi cartoon show being full of different subliminal fetish at every single episode??) ;

3 - For still-obscure reasons, every single girl with lowkey Feederism or macrophiliac leanings amidst my entourage get somewhat irresistibly drawn to me and vice-versa: I even convinced three of them to fully accept their craving desires and let themselves go with belittle to half-success, including my own best girl friend. One hardly gained 15 pounds before to leave it, one gained a few dozen of pounds and has still in the process to let her go, whom to my best friend she past after many weight yoyo-ings from 112 to 170 pounds in a few years before to temporairly leave down her fattening journey too.
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