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I remember enjoying movies with pregnant women as a teen and pre teen. Reflecting back I realize now that I was aroused by these women gaining weight, even before I knew what it meant to be aroused. Through puberty, middle school and high school I was developing feelings for women, again not knowing what those feelings meant at the time. After high school and starting college, I simply knew I was attracted to women and my ideal lady was always voluptuous, curvy, usually tall (to be fair most people are taller than me, as I'm only 5 foot). It wasn't until my twenties that I realized I had personal weight gain fantasies as well as FA tendencies. I then found Dims At that time I told my then partner about my fetish, fantasies and the different things that turned me on sexually. We did stuffings and I was even a model on Stuffer 31 for a while. The stress of planning the feedings and photo shoots strained our relationship so I stopped. At the time I believe I was close to 150lbs (plumped up from the 120 I was in high school and college). Gaining was hard for me having always been thin and athletic and being health conscience of processed foods. After that partner and I broke up I've always been honest with my girlfriends about what turns me on. Some lovers are into it, others thought it was weird so I kept it in my fantasies (read: what I think about while in bed with a lover or masturbating alone). One partner played along sweetly, teasing me about my weight gain and playing into some of my other fantasies. Through the years I have gone up and down myself and I've always been with heavier women who are body positive, confident in their size.
Fast forward to today, my fiance is a big girl and she's not shy about making jokes about her beautiful belly, and her size. She is also very strong (a veteran) beneath her beautiful softness and completely confident, secure in who she is. I've told her about what turns me on, but I think she just doesn't understand any type of fetish since she herself has a limited sex drive, in that she is satisfied with infrequent sexual intimacy and doesn't need more than the usual fore play to become aroused. I am completely in love with her and totally satisfied with our life together. Honestly there are times my fetish, urges, fantasies are far from my mind, regular life is so completely engaging, satisfying, and wonderful. Even during intimacy I'm usually just so in the moment with my future wife that our bodies together is enough. Other times I get the desires, so I come online and read your awesome stories and am completely satisfied with the stories and imaginary fantasies.
Recently I felt my belly jiggling while I was walking and the old pleasure filled me. I got on a friend's scale this weekend and it said 140, fully dressed. Now the last time I weighed myself was last summer, I had cut out almost all grains (since having an unknown skin rash that no docs could determine the cause) and I was in a study about eating healthier so I was really thin at 125 lbs. So that's a big gain only in the last few months I think since I only recently noticed the new softness. But now I have the desire to gain again. I'm going for another 15 - 20 lbs by the end of the year. I always love the winter holidays, the perfect cover for intentional weight gain. The most arousing part is the anticipation of my clothes getting tighter and the stares from friends, co workers and most of all my fiance. I'm curious what people might say, if they say anything at all.
Teehee thanks for starting this thread! It's fun to think about where we started this life and where it can go, become. Great to get to know others, their stories, their path.

Share on, friends!
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