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choudhury carries a lot of weight on this boardchoudhury carries a lot of weight on this boardchoudhury carries a lot of weight on this boardchoudhury carries a lot of weight on this boardchoudhury carries a lot of weight on this board

* Whether you like weight gain on another person or on yourself?

Definitely on a woman, not at all on myself. My fat fetish is entirely outwardly directed.

* Was it always with you and can you remember at the earliest age and what it was that caught your interest?

As for being FA, that goes back to my earliest sexual awakenings, although there was still a certain process of coming to recognize that the girls I found sexy were not what other boys did. (So oddly perhaps, I didn't seem to intuitively understand that I liked chubby girls as a category; at first it was more finding this or that girl hot, and needing time to understand the pattern). I do remember, though, being very young (like, 4 or 5) and being strangely and intensely fascinated by Winnie the Pooh. When he got stuck in Rabbit's door I felt a very weird, compelling sensation that I did not understand. This was a definitely a signal from my sexual subconscious!

All of that being said, I came of age before the internet and it took me waaay longer to understand how deeply erotic overeating and weight gain are. Even though noticing a gal's weight gain would make me dizzy, I still understood my physical desires mainly in terms of a woman's shape per se. I sort of thought, 'I like fat women,' and didn't grasp how much I liked those other elements. Really, it wasn't until I met my wife, well into my 20s, that I gradually came to consciously understand the sexual potency of weight gain for me. (There again, I thought I was physically attracted to her plump figure, and I was - but the much deeper, semi-subconscious pull was that she loved to eat, would openly overeat in front of me, and, I see in retrospect, was very obviously going to get fatter and fatter).

* Has your desire for more and more weight gain increased as you have become older?

I don't think so. I just recognize it more for what it is.

* what percentage of weight gain interest do you have whether it be on you or another
1 out 10 .... 1 being not that much & 10 Being a whole buuuuunnnnch?

It's as though I have two sexual brains. One is attracted to a woman's shape as well as the rest of her. And then there's the lizard brain, which is viscerally attracted to overeating and weight gain. I sort of see a BBW/SSBBW partner as essential to sexual fulfillment, but think of weight gain as a very rewarding bonus. So, how intensely does it turn me on? Maybe an 8 or 9. How indispensable is it to my sex life? Maybe a 2 or 3. It adds an extra zip to the proceedings

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