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Originally Posted by squeezablysoft View Post
Theres a Fetlife group devoted to the process of thin ppl putting on weight and becoming BBW/BHM, seems that whole transformation is a big turn on for many. Which I get but personally I'm most attracted to ppl who are "naturally fat". Like, tell me you just can't seem to stop eating and gaining weight no matter what you do, that you've been overweight all your life and have fat genes from your rotund relatives,
and I get all excited. Not to say you can't be a sort of hybrid fatso, I became overweight by accident but I pushed myself over the line into obesity semi-intentionally.
I found that your statement about people getting fat sounds utterly discriminatory in a negative way: I mean from an objectivist viewpoint you clearly classify people "naturally" born to be fat like better than people who "won't" . There are a plethora of elements, circumstances, sometimes choices which stems to developp a lot of extra weight, genetic reasons underlies factually amongst the totality of the human race because our protohistorical ancestors were used to live straving periods and to stock food in order to survive. Simple.

There's aren't "naturally fat vs thin getting BBW/BHM" peoples, nor any genetic offshoot/subspecies of Homo Adiposis Sapiens Sapiens: this dichotomy you describe is nothing but mere Pseudoscience and delusional social-Darwinist bias speculations based onto an apparent form of intimate resentment you got against thin people and especially those who willingly aspire to become fatter, strikingly similar in term of demagogy to what society used (and still use) to hear about so-called Scientific racism.
Unless we hear someday about people experiencing some kind of overall-bodied lipofilling process in order to effortlessly blimp out their trim physique into somebody twice or three time their size, that somebody suffers of extreme water retention or whatsoever which kind of medical condition with gaining-adipose side effects or that you consume magical pills, everybody get fat more-or-less naturally.
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