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Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post
Has the excitement of weight gain been with you since a very early age or is it something that was triggered in your 20's or at a later age by something like overeating and gaining and you decided you liked it....whatever it may be?

Tell your story and target a few of these copy points for a little direction so we can all learn from it a bit.

* Whether you like weight gain on another person or on yourself?
* Was it always with you and can you remember at the earliest age and what it was that caught your interest?
* Has your desire for more and more weight gain increased as you have become older?
* Has the desire to gain always been there but you only acted on it as you have become older and more independent or have not yet acted on it?
* what percentage of weight gain interest do you have whether it be on you or another 1 out 10 .... 1 being not that much & 10 Being a whole buuuuunnnnch?
* I only like to see, lure or stem women to gaining weight.
* I always liked women no matter their size, though I rather prefer bigger women. However, my fascination for Feederism started years before I even approach the F.A. community and realize this is a proper fling, when I was 9-to-11 or 12 years (that's your fault, "Totally Spies")
* For the women I like, yes.
* Not concerned.
* Most of time a 9/10.
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