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Default Comfortable cars (Aus/NZ)

I'm relocating and moving in with my g/f soon (over to aus), and will need to get a car, and I definitely need it to be big girl friendly. She doesn't drive so it's primarily passenger comfort that's the big deal, but alas I've only ever driven small cars so would like to get something that's compact and easy to drive overall, but has seats wide enough to be comfortable for a woman of her size (UK/Aus size ~34 bottoms, 24-26 tops). I'd REALLY appreciate any advice people have for us.

Obviously we can only look at cars in the Australian market, so most US marques are out. We're also quite restricted on budget as we have SO many other costs involved - so it's going to be an older model, and has to be automatic. At the moment there's the 2nd Gen Suzuki Vitara, or the 2nd Gen Suzuki SX4 - as they both seem fairly wide without being too long and are both reliable and cheap to run as well as buy. Any thoughts or experiences with these? Any other suggestions? All ideas are welcome, as long as I can find a car that will fit for her.

Thanks all

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