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Thanks for the response! My g/f is Aussie, and has never travelled to the UK, but in our experiences in Aus with taxis and whatnot we've found that the Toyota Camry (7th gen 2011-2017) is OK, but that car seems to waste a lot of space with the centre consoles and door panels, so for a big car you really aren't getting smart space inside.

Thanks for the heads up on the other threads! There's a few options that might work for us if anyone has any heads up?

Kia Soul (1st gen) - we can get in Aus, but they aren't super common. Are they good in terms of lower body space?

Suzuki SX4 (1st gen) - Hasn't got a mention on here yet, but one that's on the list of options as we intend to do some road/camping trips so a basic/limited 4WD option is useful. It's also abundant and affordable in Australia, as well as cheap maintinance/serving with Suzukis in general.

Suzuki Vitara (2nd Gen) - Considering these for the same reasons, but a big bigger all round?

Skoda Yeti - Looks ideal, but pricey and not common in Aus. It'd need to be a really really good match to be in the running, imho.

Honda CRV (1st gen) - Abdundant and cheap in Australia, but a bit long for me to really feel OK with.
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