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extra_m13 does more than just post hot picsextra_m13 does more than just post hot picsextra_m13 does more than just post hot pics
Default gain

i think in my case, the excitement for weight gain was present since i can remember being attracted to the opposite sex, always prefering the less skinny singers of the time and from then going up in weight.

personally i do not enjoy gaining as much as eating and get absolutely crazy and turn on when my gf gains weight personally that is the hottest thing she can do for me.

more weight... well, when you are turned on by someone gaining weight you always want her to gain more but sometimes health issues arise and then you have wonder if it is really sustainable for anyone to constantly gain weight. and about what is really the most important thing in a relationship.

a whole bunch, a woman gaining weight is just the most beautiful and erotic thing on earth.

always a tad of belly, cellulite, lovehandles, those are the things i found being the sexiest in highschool, and i havent changed my view on that !
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