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Originally Posted by FreeThinker View Post
If it's just the two of you, maybe you'd consider a small panel van of the sort pictured below. There are many brands to choose from.

I say this because my aunt and uncle owned such a vehicle in the Netherlands, where registration and taxes on these vehicles were lower than for cars (I don't know the situation in Australia / NZ), possibly due to being limited to 2 occupants. Small enough to get car-like fuel economy, a closed back for lots of stuff, and maybe not as low to get into and out of as a small car, which could a welcome feature to a person of size.

As a driver of compact cars, you may find rearward visibility in one of these a bit hard to get used to (although they are generally equipped with larger outside mirrors than cars have), in which case a small pickup may suit your needs, offering greater visibility outward, but giving up the large, enclosed cargo space (and possibly a greater overall length for the pickup). Also, I believe there is an abundance of car-based pickup models (called "utes") in Australia, but these seem to be based mainly on larger (longer) car platforms.

I'd suggest some research first, as it's possible that these may be more expensive to license and insure than a traditional car down there, as opposed to my relatives' experience in mainland Europe.

Best of luck!

(And welcome to Dimensions! )
Thanks for that! It's an interesting idea - I was kind of hoping that the mini MPV / people mover version of the Peugeot Partner / Berlingo was available in Aus as the double front seat would be *perfect*. Alas it isn't, and though it's just the two of us the back seats are needed for pets, and for the odd ocassion when we're picking people up and whatnot. That and the visbility issue does scare me a bit. A ute on the other hand..... if there was a small double cab ute that would be pretty neat - I have to do some digging now!
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