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Attack of the twinkies.
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hommecreux does more than just post hot picshommecreux does more than just post hot picshommecreux does more than just post hot pics

I think that the question of naturally fat vs. thin to fat conversions is a bit unfair. For example, I used to be an athlete and just kept the diet and lost the exercise and before I knew it four years had passed and 160lbs were added to my frame that turned me from a fairly soild guy (I played ball, lifted daily, and wrestled), to a kushy guy well over 400lbs, in addition to the loss of a lot of muscle mass. Is 4 years a long time? Could that be considered a transformation? I've always been on the husky side, but until I stopped playing sports I wouldn't have considered myself as seriously overweight. Even now at over 450 it seems hard to consider that a transformation. Is it a time thing? Is transformation something that has to be taken part in with a second party? Idk....
All I know is that regardless of if transformation is a part of someone's kink in being attracted to me, or if they just like big guys in general, it's a nice change of pace from what I get from most people.
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