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I think I might fit the definition of someone who is a natural fatty. Starting around second grade I began to gain weight and I was a chubby grammer school kid. In high school I grew fatter reaching a high of 205 lbs., which by today standards is considered pretty normal, but back then was considered fat. I have always had large soft moobs. Between junior and senior year I lost all of my excess weight and pretty much kept it off until I was in my mid-30's when I slowly started gaining weight again even though I was working out 3 times a week and fairly active. I take after my German maternal grandfather and Italian fraternal grandmother, both of whom were fat most of their lives. When I went over 200 lbs. again in my late 30's, I decided to just eat what I wanted and enjoy my life. I steadily gained over 100 lbs. during a 12 year period, topping out at 305 lbs. I am now in the 275 to 285 range, love to eat and cannot lose weight even if wanted to. So I am enjoying my life as a natural fatty and BHM.
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