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Originally Posted by voluptuouslover View Post

Tell your story and target a few of these copy points for a little direction so we can all learn from it a bit.

* Whether you like weight gain on another person or on yourself?
* Was it always with you and can you remember at the earliest age and what it was that caught your interest?
* Has your desire for more and more weight gain increased as you have become older?
* Has the desire to gain always been there but you only acted on it as you have become older and more independent or have not yet acted on it?
* what percentage of weight gain interest do you have whether it be on you or another 1 out 10 .... 1 being not that much & 10 Being a whole buuuuunnnnch?
* I have been turned on by weight gain on woman ever since junior high school. As my friend's sisters and my own cousin filled out through puberty, I remember being very attracted to their growing figures. I had a crush on my 7th grade English teacher as well as the girls gym instructor as both were quite plump and wore tight clothing that accentuated their figures. The 4 girls I dated in high school were all plump and my friends would tease me about liking fat girls. I was surprised that their teasing actually turned me on. It wasn't until I became an adult that I started to fantasize about gaining weight myself and I finally let it happen in my late 30's. I found gaining 130 lbs. was a very pleasurable experience.

* My desire for more and more weight gain has increased with age. Being a member of Boards like this one has opened my eyes to the overall appeal of SSBBW's. In high school and college I liked plump or chubby girls. As I grew older my tastes increased to where now, an attractive women who is 250 to 500 lbs. can really light my fire.

* My weight gain interest in general is definitely a 10!
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