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Originally Posted by TwoSwords View Post
Gosh, what a depressing thought, that just having those kinds of strong, sincere feelings for a single person hurts their chances of finding happiness so badly. I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but if any part of this is true, I feel nothing but pity for Prince Charming from "Snow White," who was clearly only interested in one girl.

In fact, if this is true, I think escapism should be immediately de-stigmatized. If such powerful emotions are going to be dragged through the dirt as a matter of course, no one can be reasonably blamed for wanting to escape from reality for a while.
That reminds me more of a introverted person. And their trouble isn't being focused on a single person but not possessing the skills to interact socially under all conditions..

Who ever focuses on a single person? To develop social skills, we have to talk to a variety of people. Having a single love interest doesn't prevent someone from communicate with many others.
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