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Originally Posted by Horsemen View Post
I don't find the popular culture view of what is sexy.... sexy. I like bigger girls.... I love wide hips... especially with narrow shoulders. I love big thighs. I geuss you would say pear shaped women. Something about them drives me nuts. Am I weird or does that secretly turn on most guys.
It's fiarly damn common. Anybody denying it here is throwing up smoke. My estimate is 40% guys are like this, in that they prefer fatter hour glass shapes, maybe up to 50%. One of the reasons there's so much stigma is because of feminism. It's all about control. Whenever they find the opportunity, they'll blame men.

The hour glass preference is extremely common. Liking ass and tits is also extremely common.

A study was done on this. They found stressed men preferred and broadened their range of attraction to include bigger woman. How did the study produce stress? With tests. This effect applied to all the men. There're probably some innate differences between men, making some prefer smaller or bigger. This doesn't replace or remove the effect, it's cumulative.

Sorry dimensionsmagazine. It's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Why Stressed-Out Men Prefer Heavier Women

Psychological Stress Causes Men to Prefer Heavier Women

Figures reveal that given the choice, most men will plump for a curvy girl
Professor Marika Tiggemann from Flinders University said that the results supported academic research on the topic. "We find women want to be thinner than what men find attractive," she said. "Men's idea of what is 'thin' is larger than that of women. Unfortunately, a lot of people think being thin demonstrates being in control or being disciplined, while being fat is a sign you're weak."
The hourglass shape preference isn't about weight, but it exists too. Below.

Hourglass Figures Affect Men's Brains Like a Drug

Congenitally Blind Men Prefer the Female Hourglass Figure (Literally)

The FA movement. We appear to have a wider range of sexual attraction...

Some Men Prefer Fat Women

Lastly I said earlier feminism is corralling men like sheep. Well, truth is, men and woman are (metaphorically) divorcing and going their own way. Below is one of hte possible consequences.

Best Female Figure Not an Hourglass

Essentially woman need Androgens to compete in todays world. This is moving fat away from the hips to their stomach. This better enables them to deal with stress and compete. On the other hand, hour-glass shapes tend to belong to healthier, fertile woman. These differences might not be as important anymore because of medical technology. For example, woman with narrower pelvises can safely have babies now because of c-section and other methods. There're also infertility treatments for woman who have trouble conceiving. And more intensive diet regimes can limit fat from going to the abdomen, thus reducing prediabetic concerns (especially) for these woman with less pronounce hourglass figures. (Because remember more fat would otherwise go there and more of it's visceral--just like with men.)

Lastly, some woman do care what men think.

Women's Body Image Relies On Men's Opinion, Study Finds

Woman consistently believe men desire less fat than men actually report in studies. This ratio is similar to when men misjudge how much woman desire their muscle or genitals.

Do Men Find Very Skinny Women Attractive?

And lastly, Men, Who Needs Them?
When I explained this to a female colleague and asked her if she thought that there was yet anything irreplaceable about men, she answered, “They’re entertaining."

Gentlemen, let’s hope that’s enough.
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