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Originally Posted by plushkitty View Post
Nah, if anything I don't quite trust other people's view of me. Once you hit a certain size, it takes more and more weight to make a truly noticeable difference to the casual viewer. And most people are so bad at visually gauging weight because everybody lies about how much they weigh! Ask someone to draw or describe a 300 pound person and they're likely to produce a drawing or description of someone at least 100 pounds heavier than that.

My mom is the only family member who verbally mentions my size. None of my friends do, which is appreciated because Mom nags me more than enough! I'm sure they can all see that I'm having more and more trouble fitting into car seats and chairs with arms though.
My mom bought an XL shirt for me before summer ended. It wasn't necessarily one I'd get for myself but it's my mom and I showed appreciation. Looking at it, I knew it wouldn't fit and I was asked to try it on for her to see. It was tight and it was painfully obvious to us both that I would need XXL. I had already been buying XXL tops because some XL tops weren't fitting me anymore. Similar to my friend who's trying to estimate my muscle to fat ratio, if my mom wanted to know just how big I am now, she got her answer. She asked me yesterday what size I wear now. When I gave her a defensive "what??", she mentioned the shirt she bought for me didn't fit. I never answered. The basketball jersey I wore around the house had a prominent 2XLT tag at the bottom.

My mother has made comments about my weight over the years and finally I got upset enough at her once to tell her to stop because it upsets me. I explained to her that when I was skinny people commented and made me feel bad about myself. Now that I'm no longer skinny, people are commenting with the same result. I said almost everything except that I was purposely gaining with up to 300lbs in mind because that would open up a discussion I'd rather not have, at least not yet.

I'm having trouble with the seatbelt and getting out of cars too. An UBER driver once helped me with the seatbelt because I had on one of my biggest winter coats and it wasn't easy to fasten it. I usually pull the seatbelt to have enough slack so that I don't need help or take too long but I was really having trouble. I ask for the seat to be pushed forward now more than ever and get out at weird angles to be able to leave the car.
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