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VERY interesting. I don't think fat acceptance is dead, BUT the concept of health at any size is probably dead. It is hard to argue for similar outcomes for super sized people (BMW >> 50), based on both the statistical evidence as well as the overwhelming anecdotal experience. Personally, I was GUTTED by the news of Catherine Oakes (Cat) and Debbi Thomas having passed in recent months. The situation of others such as Big Cutie Summer reinforce the idea that the odds of 'premature death' at high BMI is more likely than not

The good news: moderate overweight/obesity may NOT be associated with reduced life expectancy, although quality of life is a whole other issue. The best evidence we have is "research led by Katherine Flegal, a distinguished epidemiologist from the National Centre for Health Statistics at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Maryland, US"

I agree with HereticFA that SSBBW status is not to be treaded on lightly.
I assure you, I take fat people of all stripes very seriously. I just don't accept statistics or anecdotal evidence as methods of proof, and after all the times I've felt betrayed and disheartened by other people hating fatness, or treating it disrespectfully, or abandoning it, or otherwise being anything but delighted and reverent towards it; cherishing it, like all other things of surpassing goodness, I will question my conclusions on this, only if I see real proof that they're wrong. Real proof comes in four varieties. Logical proofs (deductive and inductive,) mathematical proofs, scientific proofs and perceptible proofs. Since a connection between fatness and mortality is not perceptible with our normal senses, we must rely on one of the first 3, probably numbers 1 or 3, since numbers alone seem unlikely to give us this data. So, is there some logical argument to indicate that fatness causes poor health, or is it not more likely that the reverse is true? Is there any actual, scientific proof that fatness is the deciding factor in health outcomes, or are there other factors, where the blame is to be more rightly placed?

The stakes, for me, could not be higher, and my entire life's structure will hinge on this point, so I'm strongly motivated to learn the actual truth about this. Am I going to be offered some hope in this life, or do I need to wait for the next with patience and silence?

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FA guilt - oh my
I refuse to feel guilty about something which I don't control, can't help, and have no alternative to.
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