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Originally Posted by Yakatori View Post
Intentionally or not, you're conflating two very distinct, always contentious, and now somewhat estranged subcultures in Size Acceptance versus Fat Admiration. That used to co-exist pretty well here until, well, a whole bunch of other technological changes (Smart Phones?) brought more of the mainstream fat folks, those not here just for porn, onto other, more widely utilized platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Tinder, etc...)

Obvious troll. Is too obvious.
I totally agree with you. Something in the FA community has changed. As have the gainers. I'm an old man myself. I have made a lot of friends from this site. Real life, real time ones. A lot of people from here were at my wedding in 2000 as a matter of fact. I deleted my old account here because of the climate change you speak of. Everything got angry, no one would allow other opinions, and there was a bully culture.
On a whim I created this new account in 2014 and still the same. Now it's 2018 and I see the friction is even stronger.
I remember going to BBW events from Vegas to Dallas to Miami. We could see the change happening. I fear that the damage has been done. We've let politics venture into our community and as with every community that lets politics in. It gets consumed and murdered.
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