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Originally Posted by TwoSwords View Post
Actually, I'm curious about this, since those years that you mention were when I was young and unsure how to deal with my feelings. For this reason, I wasn't really here at the time, and I'm not sure what you, and others, have meant by "politics." Do you mean actual, voting for Republican Vs. Democrat politics, or are you referring to some "leaders" in the community who I've never heard of.

And, as an aside, what relationship does this have with the difficulty of finding a support community that's actually freaking supportive?
Not really about who or what you vote or voted for. Politics is far more wide spreading than the people in power.
Some things have gone too far in the whole 'acceptance' realm of things. Look, don't kid yourself here TwoSwords. BBW events were always filled with fights and jealousy. SSBBW would scream at women they didn't consider big enough to be SSBBW then you had the BBW and the FA's yelling at the women that had weight loss surgery .. yelling at them when they weren't puking in the bathroom that is. That has always been part of the culture and lifestyle but something took a really strange twist over the last ten years.

All self respect seems to be gone. That's the first thing I notice. It's like this whole 'fat movement' means that caring how you look makes you a poser and not a true member of the 'movement' and that's what I mean by politics.
See it the same way the most popular person in the room sees it or you can bet you're going to get shamed online and in public by your so called peers. Those politics.

Not being ashamed of your body, accepting yourself for who you are.. even wanting to pack on the pounds because you yourself find it comforting and beautiful-- that doesn't mean you parade around in public letting fat hang out all over the place and for the love of God.. take a shower, toss on some make up if you're a woman.. have some self respect.

Then you add up all the real political shit like paying extra for airfare. Weight costs more to transport and why is it so wrong to consider the feelings of the passenger sitting next to the obese person? Why must EVERYONE accept your lifestyle choice but the fat movement person .. the fat activist. They don't have to accept the wants and desires of others.

Not long ago things were different. The women of my generation of The Fat Girl was classy and respectful of others and glowed with self respect.
Catay is one.. not sure if she's still around.
Back in 1999 a lady here fixed my first online photo and for the life of me I can't remember her name. I just remember she was really into x-game athletes -- damn I have her name on the tip of my tongue too. Grrrrrrrr..

Anyway that's what I mean by politics. It's not about who or what you voted for as much as the politics of the 'movement' as it were.
For example my wife is a feminist but she wouldn't be caught dead with this 3rd way feminism that is ruining the world, stopping women from being hired, and ruining lives of innocent people just on their word.

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