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Originally Posted by TwoSwords View Post
You know, in my explorations of the internet, I see, like everyone, a lot of fat hate, and in some cases, it's pretty predictable. Yet, every so often, you see someone who seems to be so smart in so many other areas, and yet, who has been deceived into thinking that fatness is something new, that never existed before 1965. Whenever I talk to people about how it makes the most sense to treat fatness like any other quality, because fatness has been around for literally thousands of years, you'd be amazed how often I get a flat denial of that obvious fact in response.

It's sad. I was in another unrelated forum-and one thing or another led to this:
You know I'm tired of woman/men who hate on men just because they like how woman with some fat look, even if it's not a lot. I'm tired of being talked down to and told I'm either selfish, insecure or crazy. How about this is just the way I am? There's more to me than this. I shouldn't be defined by a single thing, right?

Many times I feel pressured to like thinner woman, or try. Since woman hate fat, it'd make life easier. I want to like what they like. Harmony is good. But try as I might, I can't like it as much as they do.

I read about some more studies yesterday. I guess guys who like larger breasts are tend to be more sexist. This is tied to overall fat, since the study linked adipose fat in the breasts to a signal of "resource wealth". Guys who like smaller breasts tend to be more dominant (prefer submissive wives) and don't want to be fathers or have children. These same guys prefer weaker hour glass shapes. Guys who like smaller breasts are generally more financially stable. Breasts might be a signal of fertility (hour glass is supposed to be too)--as well they increase in size during pregnancy. There's a average in any culture of what breast size (or fat) guys desire and it varies between cultures. One theory is this is because resource wealth is different. Even relatively small amounts of stress can make a guy--at least temporarily--more attracted to bigger woman. For woman, the effect is similar. Lower-income woman (tending to be rural i think) like higher bmi guys. I don't recall if they separated fat guys from muscular guys, since bmi by itself doesn't. Some of this isn't exclusive (I tried to use TEND a lot) and it's only a small window into a much larger reality. I'm confused about a lot of it. Maybe I shouldn't be commenting about it yet until I can collect my thoughts. I tried makign a prior post about this topic in another thread a some weeks ago. it's below:
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