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Here're some example of the studies OP:

From one perspective, maybe men--who prefer smaller breasts--are trying to find a woman who won't compete with larger breasted woman because they want a submissive loyal partner. How this works in theory is smaller breasted woman don't compete as effectively for other men, so they're easier to hold onto. (removed) And keep in mind the "larger breasts" are also strongly linked to more weight--not just fertility--because the study was specifically looking at adipose fat. Meaning larger breasted woman will tend to be heavier. Weight is seen as a signal for resource wealth. It's believed men and woman in unsettling circumstances look for a mate with resource wealth.

(bolded) I removed because they liked WEAKER hourglass. This fits with the theory it might be loyalty.

EDIT: Estradiol is a hormone in woman which is tied to larger breasts and is fertility related. I bring this up because the larger breast studies are also looking at fertility markers. Below:
In keeping with the researchers' expectations, men who wished to remain child-free preferred smaller breasts.
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