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I came back two hours later, around 2 pm. I entered the apartment and went straight to the kitchen. It looked like a battlefield. Two dirty pots were in the sink, an empty pizza box was on the table. The floor was littered with paper bags and wrappers; the shelves above the sink were cleared. I cringed: this challenge was going to be expensive. Chiara was nowhere to be found.

“Anybody in?” My voice boomed. A muffled groan answered me from the living room.

No, it cannot be! It almost seemed too good to be true. Shaking with anticipation I made my way to the living room, following a trail of crumbs and empty wrappers. I took a deep breath and entered. Chiara was there, looking like a character in one of the stories I was so fond of: my friend was lying on the sofa, surrounded by the remains of a massive feast. She had an arm behind her head, the other draped across her midsection. She looked huge. The small mound of pudge that she always sported, usually almost invisible whenever she laid down, was now a massive food baby: her shirt had ridden up uncovering her navel and her belt was undone.

“Chiara…” My tongue was dry.

She turned her head towards me. “Hi, you’re back.” She grimaced. “I’ll clean up, don’t worry. Just give me some time to recover.” She patted her stuffed belly, which groaned ominously.

I cocked my head to one side. “Are you all right?” I took a step towards the sofa and knelt, mainly to hide my excitement. “How do you feel?”

“Heavy. I…” She was cut off by a huge belch. “Sorry.” She pressed her hand on her stomach. “I guess I overdid it.”

I reached out my hands and tentatively poked her just beneath the navel. Her belly was swollen and tender; it gurgled and Chiara moaned. She flapped her arm to bat my hand away, but I dodged her clumsy lunge and rested my palm on her stomach patting it.

“You look pretty full,” I smirked. “I think I should do the cleaning while you digest.” Her stomach gurgled again. My dick throbbed painfully. “Let me handle it.”

“As you wish.” She fumbled with the button of her trousers and finally undid it. Her belly swelled out further, pushing the zipper down a couple of notches. “Much better.”

I glimpsed her pink panties, pressed downward by the heavy mass of her gorged midsection. My vision blurred. With a last stroke to her huge belly, I finally stood and walked awkwardly towards the kitchen, picking up wrappers and leftovers as I made my way.

I came back to the living room an hour later, only to find Chiara fast asleep. Her pants were completely undone and her shirt was rolled up all the way beneath her sizeable boobs. Her belly, still stuffed and bloated, rose gently with every breath and there was the shadow of a smile on her round face.
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