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When you write a novel and the page times out and you lose it all. Fml.

Agreed nothing stinks like desperation.
Making friends is hard enough without throwing into the equation that you expect them to be an insta-partner.
Like someone else said shopping is the perfect place to meet people. ‘Everyone needs to eat’. I could care less if I’m in a nightclub or the loo roll aisle of Tesco. If someone approaches me in a Friendly manner and strikes up conversation I’ll give them the time of day. Yes there are people out there who will take some affront to it, but you don’t know their life they may be in a rush or having a bad day. Don’t take it as straight up rejection.

On the relationship front, I hate to think that my relationships are possibly viewed for something other than what they are.
I am not nor will I ever accept being a fetish and only being dated because of my size. Wanna try bdsm or role play. Fair enough. But someone solely getting their kicks because of my weight is something I can’t grasp. I am so much more than that and knowing that if I ever wanted to change that that it would be a relationship issue smarts something rotten.
I have read many threads on here and get the same feeling when I see that there are plenty who simply see fat people as the numbers on a scale. But who am I to judge. I just think it’s unfair to call unfairness when your preferences don’t seem to want to be fetishised.

The clothing aspect, I feel as a large lady I need to make sure I’m well presented. It hurts my heart when I see a lovely outfit, but they only do it in size wouldntfitmyankleletalonemywaist. Making sure I’m well dressed means Atleast I can think if people are staring it’s because they’re purely dicks and not because I’m unkempt. I am guilty of judging plus sized women much smaller than me for what they wear. I think if I can at my size dress acceptable how can’t you ,must add though it’s not a long held judgement, I’m not that much of a twat.
The way I dress myself and making sure my face is done is a safety blanket for me. I would love the confidence to walk out in my comfy joggers and hoody.

ETA: Sorry, reread went off on a ramble. I suppose in short what I aim to say is just because someone is large doesn’t mean they are wanting to be seen the way some FA’s see them.
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