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The title alone says it all--Big. Black. Women. The triply oppressed.

Originally Posted by Webmaster
Author Robyn McGee asked me to post the below:
Author and Speaker Robyn M. McGee....“As I look back, I realize that Cathy’s struggle was not with her weight, but with feelings of inadequacy,” declares McGee. “If she’d understood that her perceptions were obscured by the societal norms and popular culture...."

Gee. let us think--why did Cathy feel inadequate, class? Was it perhaps that she was OPpressed, rather than DEpressed? Depression arises FROM oppression. Cathy was oppressed because she was big. She was oppressed because she was black. She was oppressed because she was a woman.

Yes, her perceptions were obscured by societal norms and popular culture. Tell me how easy it is to escape that. Tell me why children as young as 5 go on diets. Tell me why teens equate reality with what they see between the covers of slick magazines. Tell me why they starve themselves to death in attempts to achieve that warped vision of reality. Tell me why mothers and fathers fuck their children up beyond measure when they ridicule and demean their children for being larger than "normal."

"....she would have appreciated the dimensions that God gave black women and celebrated what she was rather than chasing something she wasn’t.”

If you believe in God, did He not give us ALL dimensions? Who decided we should all look the same--be the same size? Is that God's Plan? I think not. I thought God made no mistakes. Why, then, do so many of us fight what we are? Because we're oppressed. Because there are so many fucked up people beating us down. Because they are allowed to get away with it. Because they can. Because it makes them feel better about themselves.

“Unless you change what’s in your heart and mind, no amount of surgery will make you feel whole. Without psychological change to go with your physical change, you could risk gaining all of the weight back and still be miserable,” McGee said.

I have no need to change what is in my heart and mind, and I'm willing to bet that Cathy didn't, either. Nor do the scores and scores of us (who make up the majority) who are fat. The hearts and minds that need change are of those who seek to oppress us. For whatever reason.

I am too exasperated to even respond to the rest of that quote.

I am so tired of people who refuse to think for themselves. The masses are brainwashed beyond salvation.
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