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Default I Hate My Twin VIII - by Zarbon (SSBBW, Eating, Immobility, XXWG )

SSBBW, Eating, Immobility, XXWG - The final end of all extreme eating that isn't reined in: immobile bliss, but with surprising company

I Hate My Twin VIII
By Zarbon

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Now that Jenny was home she was eating all time and getting loads of food delivered to her house, thanks to the web site money. She sat, stuffing herself for her paying fans and happily grew fatter by the day.

As she grew, Jenny found getting up was really hard for her. This meant getting food was harder for her, and she was getting frustrated. She knew she needed some help, as she found she was getting closer to being immobile at 698 lbs. She only fitted one of her tight-ass bras and often spent her days naked and getting fatter.

She was getting more then enough cash from the web site, and she still had most of her savings. She was also receiving a disability cheque which went to the food bill. She had enough cash to move out and really wanted to, but it wouldn't be any different to being at home other then she would be all alone and be living somewhere that wasn't so fat-friendly.

She told her mom she was thinking about leaving home, and her mother was dead against it. It would be easy enough for Jenny to get hurt or fall over, and then she wouldn't have anybody around to help her out.

“Is there nothing you want to make you stay?”

“All I want is food, but I can't get up to get it. I get so hungry, mom,” she moaned.

“Well, I can't stay home all the time, can I?”

“No, but I could use a personal assistant. You know she could help me out food shopping, food fetching, helping me to the toilet,” said Jenny.

“Look, how about I make some calls, and we try and get you an assistant? I am sure they gave us some numbers to try when we organised your disability money.”

“Great, I will carry on snacking then… Oh, wait a sec, mom. Let me make a call first; I have a friend who I want to try first,” said Jenny, reaching out for the phone with one fat hand and popping food into her mouth with the other.

“Hi, Mel, how are you?” wheezed Jenny to her friend, after half choking on the chocolate she was eating

“Oh, hi, Jenny! How are you? I haven't seen you for ages.”

“I'm great. How are you? How is work?”

“It's been crap ever since you went, all we do now is work in silence cus you aren't there to talk with us. Oh yeah, and everybody is always moody cus they are all dieting to try and lose all the weight.”

“What about you?”

“Well, I am not going to the gym or anything, but I guess I am eating less then I used to. So how is your diet going? You said you were slimmer last time we talked.”

“Umm, yeah, well, you caught me on a funny day. I kind of fell off the wagon.”

“Oh, don't tell me you have put on weight?”

“Just a few lbs here and there. Anyway, want to come over?”

“Alright, I will be there in a bit. Can't wait to see you, babe.”

With that, they both hung up, and Jenny went to go and try and make herself up to try and shift some of the attention away from her near 50lb weight gain, which wasn't as noticeable on her already huge frame as you would imagine.

It took Mel a long time to get to Jenny's house, and when a bloated Jenny opened the door in just a bra and tight joggers, she saw a lardy Mel in even tighter jeans and a t-shirt so tight it rolled up her stomach. They both were a little surprised by each other's weight gain after their chat but hugged as well as possible, and they both sat down .

“…So, Mel, you look good.”

“Okay, okay, I guess I wasn't too honest about the whole diet thing, but I can tell you have gained a few, too.”

“Yeah, well… Mel you know you can unbutton those jeans if you want. Nobody is around other then me, and you have seen me do the same and more,” said Jenny, seeing her best friend sitting uncomfortably on the edge of her seat and obviously sucking in her gut. Mel smiled and un-popped the jeans, and they both giggled when they heard the zip go down on its own.

“It's not that I am unhappy to see you, Jen, but why did you invite me over?”

“Well, I have a bit of a proposition for you, Mel. As you can see I am having difficulty getting about; you know, getting food and going out and stuff.”


“Well, me and my mom have decided I should get a personal assistant to help me out, make sure I am clean, fed and safe.”


“Can't you see where I am going with this? I want you to do it; I can pay you and you can live here instead of spending all your time going back and forth from your flat. You said yourself work is no fun, so what do you think?”

“What would I have to do?”

“Well, go food shopping for me, fetch me food from the kitchen, stuff like that, things I can't really do too well. You being here during the day is a weight off my mom's mind, cus if I fall over or something I could really hurt myself.”

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

“Yeah,” smiled Jenny “So what do you think? I will have to get one anyway, and I don't want some stranger with me all the time. I want my best friend.”

“You say you can't get about too well. Can you…you know, go to the toilet and bathe yourself?”

“I can go to the toilet on an empty stomach but there have been occasions where I haven't made it when I have been too full to get up. I can bathe myself though, cus we have a Jacuzzi now.”

“So will I have to clean you up?”

“Will that be a problem?”

“It shouldn't be really. I changed dozens of my cousin's nappies when I used to baby sit, just slightly more surreal version of that, I suppose.”

“Great, oh, one more thing.”

“What's that?”

“You see that camera there?”


“It's a web cam, it runs 24-7. There is one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. I am running a pay web site with my sister's help to fund your wages and pay for all the food I eat.”

“So people can watch you all day long over the internet?”

“Yeah, they are watching us right now. There is no sound or anything - is that a bit too surreal for you?”

“As long as I don't have to do anything for the cameras then it should be okay. Does anybody come around or anything?”

“Oh no, nothing like that, so…”

“…Okay, you're on boss! I will quit tomorrow.”

“Great, you can move in whenever. You can have Eve's old room!”

That weekend Mel moved her few possessions into Eve's bedroom and quit her job. She told them she was starting a new job, so they allowed her to miss working out her notice. They decided to weigh Mel to see just how big she had gotten, and when it said 320lbs, she was more surprised then Jenny.

One good thing about moving in with a gainer was the clothes: she wore Jenny's old gear and didn't have to suffer with her too tight wardrobe. On her first day, she was taken aback at just how much Jenny was eating, near full pelt all day long. It soon came up in conversation that she was now deliberately gaining weight, and Melanie was not at all surprised by this revelation. She just shrugged and opened up some chocolate for Jenny's hungry belly. Jenny wasn't 100% focused on her own eating for a change, as she now could enjoy Mel's company and also enjoy seeing Mel eat like she used to back at work.

She started work at the beginning of October, and by Halloween both girls enjoyed the time spent together. It was the best job Melanie had ever had because she got to hang out with her best friend all day, eat all she wanted and not have anybody judge her for overindulging. Plus, she was being paid money when she had no expenses to worry about.

They didn't bother to dress up as they weren't going out, but to be festive they bought in lbs of Halloween chocolates: one dish for the kids and then another dozen dishes for them. Jenny had eight, and Melanie had the other six and felt ill from over eating for the fifth time that week. Jenny took pleasure in seeing Melanie stuffed and bloated. She hadn't seen a belly that fat and full of food other then her own, and she just loved it.

The build-up to Christmas was rapid as ever, and both girls got into the festive spirit in November. Everything they consumed was on the festive theme, and what they seemed to put away was increasing nearly by the day.

When Jenny prepared to go away to her Nan's place on the 21st, she weighed a heavy 804lbs and was nearly bedridden. Her gut hung perilously close to the floor when she stood, which took a lot of help, a lot of time and a lot of effort. Walking was a slow and tedious process, and, just getting her out of bed and to the top of the stairs, they all had second thoughts about whether it was worth taking her. Jenny knew it, too, and finally panted that she should stay. So Melanie and Jenny stayed at home and her parents both went.

“I feel bad that you can't go, Jenny.”

“Me, too. I love the pool and the food is great.”

“Looks like it's just you and me then, babe.”

“Cool. You know, there is something I have been wondering. I know I am too fat to pretty much do anything other then lie here and eat, but what about you?”


“You've been sitting here with me and eating right along, Can you still get about easily?”

“Of course, I can, Jen. I know I have put on a little weight since I started working here, but I am still quite light on my feet, compared to some.”

“Yeah, well, it wasn't just me who was looking out of breath when we got to the top of the stairs.”

“That's cus I had to carry you out of bed and stuff.”


“Why do you ask?”

“I just don't want you getting bedridden like me.”

“I am miles away from being that big. I only weigh like… 350?”

“Don't you know? Go on, let's see how big you have gotten,” said Jenny, watching Melanie's fat arse sway from side to side as she went and weighed herself. She came back a moment later and sat in silence until Jenny asked how much.

“…394lbs…The weird thing is that I don't feel fat in the slightest, and that number doesn't mean a thing to me.”

“I must be rubbing off on you. You're developing my mentality on weight, and you're filling out those jeans, too.”

“I know they…” started Melanie, getting interrupted by the doorbell. They both looked at each other and thought it was weird as Melanie wasn't getting any visitors and Jenny definitely wasn't. Melanie went and got it and came thudding up the stairs and into Jenny's room with the visitor.

“Bloody hell, Eve, you're fat!”

“Nice to see you too, sis,” said Eve, waddling into the room and sitting on the other chair next to Melanie.

“…I thought you liked being thin?”

“I did, but I saw how much fun you were having eating all you wanted and I missed it. I started off having the odd binge, but soon I found myself eating all I could…and loving the results.”

“Wow, so how big are you?” asked Melanie, slightly jealous of Eve by Jenny's enthusiastic reaction to her sister's bulk.

“217lbs, the biggest I have ever been - and I feel better then ever. Jenny, I understand how good it feels to see people watch you inflate and see how they stare at you when you let it all hang out.”

“I thought it was me who was the weirdo. So how did you know I was here and not at Nan's?”

“Mom called, so I just got off the train and caught another one here. I am all yours until the 29th, so, girls, let's eat. Melanie, you look great. I can tell Jenny has been a bad influence, so how are you enjoying it?”

“It's strange, I don't feel anything about it.”

“Wait until you're a little bigger before you really feel the weight, trust me,” said Jenny as all three girls stopped talking and began eating.

The rest of the day, the day after and the next days after that they spent all the time by Jenny's bed, only Eve and Melanie getting up to get more food or go out shopping with Jenny's credit card.

It was soon clear that Melanie and Eve had a little rivalry and began to try and out eat each other. Eve wasn't much competition, but she pushed herself further then Melanie did at every chance. By Christmas Day she looked chubbier then when she first arrived, and she had started wearing Jenny's old gear just like Melanie.

They didn't bother with a traditional Christmas dinner and just had what little takeout food was open and the entire contents of the kitchen. By the afternoon, Melanie and Eve were both stuffed and Jenny wasn't her usual starving self. The two decided to get Jenny stuffed, something she hadn't fully experienced for a long time and forced food down her throat faster then she could chew it. Hours went by and tons of food went into Jenny. By 11:00 she was full; by 12:00 she was stuffed and by 2:30 in the morning she was painfully stuffed and semi-conscious. It was the best Christmas gift she could ask for, and Eve and Melanie were both very happy with their full stomachs.

The next few days went past very quickly, and Eve left with bags full of Jenny's old clothes, fatter then ever. Mel was happy to see her go so Jenny would now have to giver her full attention to the person bringing her food and cleaning her up. The two weighed over 1200lbs between the two of them, and as it became apparent Jenny was twice as fat as Mel they decided to have a little deal. Jenny didn't want Mel getting as fat as her and getting bedridden.

Being maybe 600lbs or so would be fine - it would be great, in Jenny's mind. So they decided to weigh themselves regularly, and they both agreed Mel should stay at half Jenny's weight. Mel could only put on one lb for every two Jenny put on. This would slow down her gain and hopefully not allow her to get too fat.

“You just want me skinny enough to bring you your food, don't you?”

“You can see right through me, can't you Mel? Now pass me that cake; I'm peckish.”

Melanie found it bizarre, having to hold back on her eating when she jumped ahead. As time went by, she knew Eve would be catching up on her.

The new weight Mel had gained started to take effect. She was getting stared at like a freak when food shopping for Jenny, but that was more to do with the volume of fatty food she was buying instead of her obesity. At night, after Jenny was asleep, she would inspect her new body, each fatty roll, each handful of cellulite, each new stretch mark. The fatter she grew, the more interested she got in her own body.

January, February and March, she watched her body swell, and Jenny watched her friend grow fatter and fatter. She saw her getting out of breath when returning from the kitchen with food; she saw Melanie waddle more then ever and she saw Melanie wear tighter and more revealing clothes.

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