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By the start of April, Jenny had grown to a whopping 918 and hadn't left her bed that year. She spent her days stuffing her fat face and surveying her vast empire of fat. Her legs were forced open by their massive circumference, and her gut rolled over her fat shins. Her breasts flopped to the sides of her quivering gut, and her massive arms rested at her sides, constantly tired from having to go all the way up to her mouth all day long. She wheezed all day long and was getting the beginnings of the odd bed sore, but other then that she was as happy as a pig in mud.

This meant Melanie was 459lbs and had came to the conclusion she was never going to diet away her gorgeous, very much top-heavy body. She hadn't chosen to put on weight, but decided that if she naturally carried on gaining weight by eating a 'sensible' amount she wouldn't be upset. The girls were looking forward to a very special visitor who would be arriving later that day, so they bought in lots of extra food especially for her and at midday she came waddling up the stairs and into Jenny's room.

“Eve, wow you look great!” said Melanie, being the first to notice Jenny's twin at the door.

“Hi girls, you guys are looking great too. So are you going to offer me something to eat? I am starving!”

Eve took her seat and they sat in near silence for the next three-and-a-half hours before getting into a conversation.

“So, sis, you look great. How big are you now?”

“Dunno, my scales stop at 240lbs, and I passed that. I will check it out. Be right back” said Eve, hauling herself up and heading to the bathroom. She came back with a smile and a number: “311lbs - wow, more then I thought!”

The girls all thought about the math of each of their weights and knew Eve was catching up to Melanie really quickly.

“So, you're 150lbs behind me, Eve. Reckon you can catch me up?”

“Well, depends on how much Jenny is eating. If you carry on gaining half the rate Jenny is, then I reckon I can catch up, sooner or later.”

“I don't know. 150lbs is a lot, even if I am only increasing at half the rate Jenny is, that still means you will have to put on a lot very quickly.”

“Sounds like a wager to me, girl,” said Jenny. “How long do you think it will take to catch up on Mel?”

“God knows. 150lbs is a lot, but, then again, I have already gained more then 150, and I loved doing that.”

“Okay, Eve, catch me if you can!”

The girls then went back to eating and didn't stop until bedtime. Eve only stayed a few days, but she stayed on Mel's mind over the following weeks and months. She watched her own weight climb slowly and wondered just how quickly Eve was putting on weight and if she could maintain her fast rate of weight gain. She began getting Jenny food when she didn't ask for it and kept her up and later and woke her up earlier just to get her to gain that little bit more weight, which would enable her to gain that much more and make the gap that much bigger. Jenny's health wasn't even a factor in all of it as her live-in boss and best friend got fatter and fatter and got more and more out of breath just from the effort of eating.

The summer wasn't good for Jenny. Being so fat and being stuck in bed with that heat meant she was constantly glistening with sweat. She now found herself panting when she wasn't chewing food. When autumn rolled by, Jenny felt a lot better as she was no longer so hot, but the effects of being bedridden were finally taking place.

Her bedsores were getting worse, and she now had an air tube in her nose to help her breathe properly. Other then being inside one room for so long, with just a very few people as company, she was feeling pretty good. The air tube made her feel hundreds of lbs lighter, though her body was fatter then ever, with her stomach now almost covering her feet.

It was the start of October and Jenny clocked in at 1164lbs and was now so fat she could barely move her arms to get to her own mouth. Melanie had taken over and now hand fed her all day long. Eating one of every two things Jenny had, it roughly worked out as half the weight gain, and she made sure that by the end of the day she had caught up if she had fallen a bit behind. They were both looking forward to Eve's upcoming visit and both very anxious to see how big she had gotten. When she did arrive, Jenny could hear her footsteps were slower and heavier then the last time she visited.

She walked in, and Jenny smiled, and Mel frowned as the smiling Eve stood in the doorway, literally bursting out of some jeans and wearing a very tight top.

“So, Mel, what do you weigh now? I have been working hard to catch you up.”

“I can tell. I'm 582lbs.”

“Wow, that's great. You carry it well; I will be right back,” said Eve, waddling off to the scales. She came back with a smile and news: “494lbs, man, I'm getting chubby. I knew I was getting big, but I didn't think I was that fat yet. So that makes me…88lbs lighter then you now, Mel.”

“At this rate you might actually catch me.”

“But we will both be a little bigger by then; we might need to get our own assistants like Jenny.”

“Tell me about it. I get out of breath so fast now. But the good outweighs the bad if you excuse the pun.”

“True, anyway, enough of this talking. Let's eat! I am starving!”

They again ate in near silence, and, even when Eve went home, Jenny and Mel spent their days eating in near silence, all in effort to get bigger. Mel made Jenny eat lots so she would get fatter faster just to prevent Eve catching her up. There was nothing riding on their little bet other then pride, and, if you can't take pride in getting fat, then there wasn't much point in doing it.

Eve came again on Christmas Day and she had done more catching up. Jenny was 1275lbs and was now being totally dependant on Melanie. She had to feed her all of her food by hand, wash her with a cloth daily, rub the bed sore cream on her and clean her up when she needed the toilet. It was becoming more and more work, so she often had to eat at night after Jenny dozed off to sleep. This meant Mel was 638lbs and Eve now weighed 592 and felt bad she had missed out on putting on 100lbs since she'd last visited. Mel was amazed at Eve's dedication and her ability to get so fat so fast. The gap was now only 46lbs.

“Do you want to call this little bet quits, Mel?”

“You haven't caught me yet, Eve. I am still fatter.”

“Alright, next time I see you two, I reckon I will have caught up.”

“It's no wonder really. I am only allowed to gain half as fast as Jenny. She doesn't gain as fast as she used to, and it's not fair.”

“Fine, you eat all you want now. I reckon I can still catch you up now that the gap isn't so big.”


From then on, Mel fed Jenny with one hand and herself with the other. She worked harder then she had ever done in her life, unwrapping food faster then ever to keep herself and Jenny fed. She wasn't getting wages anymore, just free food. The web site cash and both of their disability cheques paid for the food, and Jenny's savings were always there to help out if they got caught short.

Melanie's duties, too, were getting in the way of her own feeding, so she now let Jenny sleep in all she wanted and go to sleep as soon as she got tired. It meant more free time to herself to eat and keep up her lead. Meanwhile, Eve only had a few hours out of her days that she was busy studying, and the rest was dedicated to eating. Stuffing herself on huge amounts of cheap, fatty food, she was eating more food - and more importantly more fattening food - then Mel and felt confident she would again decrease the gap.

She did when she next came home in late May and found everybody fatter, just the way she expected. By now, Jenny had grown to 1426lbs, not such a big gain, as Mel was spending more time on herself. But now she was struggling to get her breath even with her air on max. Her belly covered her legs all the way down past her feet, and now there was only a few inches of visible thigh fat on each side of her belly. 818lbs was Mel's current weight, and she now found herself near immobility, struggling to even get up, let alone walk anywhere. Food was now being delivered to the house, and Jenny's savings were disappearing rapidly. When Eve rang the doorbell, it took Mel a few minutes to get there and what she saw upset her a lot. They both came back up to Jenny, dripping with sweat and gasping for air.
“God, Eve, you're fat!”

“Thanks, so let's weigh in, Mel,” said Eve. Both girls went away and came back to Jenny a few minutes later.


“We are both 818lbs.”

“No way, what are the chances of that happening?”

“Remote, well I am not fatter then you yet Mel, not yet”

The two still barely mobile fatties sat and started eating, each trying to outdo the other. When they stopped eating long enough to talk, it came up that Eve was not going back to school in a few days. She had dropped out of college a few weeks ago after attending very few classes and getting grades so low Jenny would laugh at them. She wasn't going to get work at her weight, so there was no point in missing out on valuable eating time.

By the start of June, Eve's and Jenny's room were knocked into one big room, and all three girls had a bed each. The two girls spent their time either looking after Jenny or eating. They took it in turns to keep Jenny fed and cleaned while the other gorged, and it was an arrangement that worked out for them all pretty well. Up until both Eve and Mel found it harder to get around did they have a problem. September bought them to virtual immobility, as Mel weighed 931lbs and Eve had surpassed her at 938lbs, while Jenny was helpless at 1515lbs.

“Can somebody help me? I need to go,” wheezed Jenny.

“Again? Oh God, give me a sec to get up,” said Mel, swaying from side to side to shift her bulk to the edge of her bed. She swung one leg off then other before resting to get her breath back. Then she grabbed a wall with one fat hand and the bed with the other and tried to rock back and forth to build up the momentum to get up. But she couldn't; her fat limbs and massive gut were too big and heavy. After trying for a while, she gave up and said she couldn't get up. Eve tried after that and got even less close to getting up.

“So what are we going to do?”

“Get mom to get us assistants,” suggested Eve, loving the fact that she was stuck under her own fat.

Three young girls came around the next day, all roughly the same age as them, and were all open mouthed disgusted at their new employers. Each weighed less then 130lbs and began their duties, horrified about having to clean such fat people, and were even more disturbed by how much they had to feed them. But by the end of their first day, which was from 9:00 in the morning till 10:30 at night, they got talking to the girls and found them very nice and friendly.

Walking in the next day, they were far less disgusted and by the end pf the week they hardly noticed their massive bulk other then having to clean them up. They could still get Mel and Eve to the toilet if all three helped, but Jenny was way beyond that, and it took all three just to roll her over to clean her up. The job was easy: one would go out and buy food daily; another would feed Jenny by hand and the other would give food to Mel and Eve who could still feed themselves.

By mid-July all, three fatties noticed their new nurses were all a little bigger and filled their outfits more then when they first arrived. Jenny had experienced the beginnings of somebody fattening up from her influence, and she loved it more then ever, and the other two enjoyed it, too, seeing others fatten up.

Months rolled by, and the six of them were all enjoying life. The three now bedridden girls just got to eat all day long, while their caregivers were paid lots of cash by the hospital to just sit around all day and do very little. They enjoyed cleaning up the young fatties more then the old people they would be looking after if they were not there.

The girls didn't notice their weight gain at the start, as their eating habits were different, instead of meals they were just snacking all day long. And the amount they were eating looked like nothing compared to what they were feeding their patients.

A Merry Christmas was had by all. The three nurses turned up on Christmas day wearing their hospital uniforms and Father Christmas hats on. They came upstairs each overburdened with food to wake up their girls. Mel now weighed 1189lbs and was now so big it took all three girls to get her to the toilet. She didn't want them cleaning her up like they did Jenny, but now she was getting too fat to turn them down, and a few times she had them clean her up. Eve had porked her way to 1237lbs and loved getting the girls explore her rolls to clean her up.

Jenny now weighed 1778lbs and lay motionless all day other then her mouth. She just let the girls slide food into her mouth, and she just gulped it all down every waking hour. She was still wheezing while on the air, but other then that she was just the same as ever. But they weren't the only ones who were fatter. All three nurses had put on weight and were all now above 190lbs. They all knew they had put on weight, but it didn't seem to matter, being around such massive people all day long.

Time carried on, and the group just carried on eating and eating, all getting fatter and either loving it or not being too bothered about it. A few years on, Jenny and Eve's mom came home to see one of the nurses in the kitchen.

“Oh, hi Joy, how are you today?”

“I'm great, thanks. Did you have a nice day at work?”

“Yes, it was alright actually. So getting more food for the girls?” she asked, seeing her holding four boxes of doughnuts.

“Yeah, you know how much they can pack away.”

“So how are you enjoying work here? You've been here for a few years now. Is it getting to you, being stuck up in that room all day every day?”

“A bit I suppose, but it's probably the best caregiving job I have ever had. First, I'm not dealing with mad old people and best of all I can snack on whatever I want.”

“I can see.”

“What? Oh, yeah, I guess me and the girls have gained a bit of weight since we started here.”

“A bit of weight?”

“Yeah, I am only 495lbs, the skinniest one up there.”

“And that doesn't bother you, being so big so young?”

“I'm not big. I'm nothing compared to your daughters, not yet.”

“So are the others bigger then you?”

“Yep, Stacey is like 527, and Sarah is now 560 or so.”

“Well, just bear in mind, you're not here to eat; you're here to look after the girls.”

“I know, if anything our size is a bonus. It helps us roll them over when we have to clean them up. Is there anything else?”

“No, just have a good day.”

“Oh. we will,” she said eating a doughnut from the box on top of the pile in her fat arms. As she walked off, her huge arse wobbling with each step the two twins' mother thought about how much they had changed: 'At least Jenny isn't out all the time drinking and, God knows what, and Eve now has some friends.'

“Hi, just getting more food, don't mind me,” said Stacey, thudding downstairs and seeing her employer's mom standing, still obviously in deep thought.

“Okay, make sure you girls have your fair share to eat, too. Don't want you wasting away and being too frail and weak to be able to keep the girls clean.”

“No worry of that. I just can't stop eating lately; no matter now hard I try, I just keep eating and getting bigger.”

“You carry it well, though.”

“Thanks, I just wonder what I will look like when I get bigger.”

“Something like those three upstairs probably.”

“Yeah, right. I doubt I can get that big, but you never know. Anyway, I gotta get food up to them. They are all starving.”

Things went on the same in that house. The neighbours saw the nurses come in and out and get fatter and fatter until one day they were replaced by a batch of three new, skinny girls. Then they stared to fill out, and again people watched them get rounder and rounder. Nobody had seen the twins for years, but people wondered, and there were rumours, and it was obvious people were in there, and, by the amount of food coming in to the house, somebody was over indulging.

Eve, Jenny and Mel all grew into womanhood and extreme obesity. Their weight went out of control. They loved it so much that they knew they would never give it up. . .

The End

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