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Default A Plane Too Small - by John Doe (SSBBW, Stuckage, Romance, Sex)

SSBBW, Stuckage, Romance, Sex - A good samaritan winds up with a sweetheart under rather embarassing circumstances

[Contributor's note: This is an old favorite of mine that seems to have vanished from the library. Hope you all agree with me that it is worth re-posting.]

A Plane Too Small
by John Doe

Jack grabbed his bags out of the trunk of his car in the airport parking garage. He tossed them onto the ground and closed his trunk. Then his jaw almost dropped to the pavement.

A beautiful 350ish lb (25st) BBW stroll past his car into the airport. He smiled to her and she gave him a warm grin in return. Jack leaned on the trunk and watched her leave. She had adorable short blond hair and was wearing a very tight pair of jeans that hugged every pound of giant pear shaped frame and a shirt that barely covered her overflowing belly. Returning to school with winter pounds, Jack thought. Jack himself was on his way back to school in LA. He was spending Christmas break with his parents in Mass.

He snapped out of his daze and picked up his bags and walked into the airport. He cursed himself for not being quicker, he could have followed her all the way through the airport. Jack hurried to the gate and checked his bags and then jumped on his plane. It was a very long late night flight. They'd leave Boston at 11pm and reach LA at 4am. Jack sat on the plane. It was a surprisingly packed flight. And it was an annoyingly small plane. He couldn't believe they were making them suffer on this tiny plane for 5 hours.

He was in the last two seat row in the back of the plane next to the bathrooms. He was in the aisle seat. He had been watching each person enter with anticipation. The seat next to him was empty. It was one of the only empty seats left on the plane. Jack was praying he'd have the row to himself.

Then his heart began to race again. The woman he saw from the parking garage entered the plane. One of the last people to get on! He watched as she waddled through the first class section. She stopped abruptly causing the flight attendant to run into her. She couldn't get her hips through the narrow coach aisle! She tried a couple more times to walk forward but she was too wide, her hips were pushing against the shoulders of those in the seats. She was a little red faced and apologized to the flight attendant and those around her and turned herself sideways and shimmied through the rows.

Jack was floored. Either the weight was so new to her that she didn't realize her size (which is what her bursting clothes could mean), or she had never flown before and thus didn't expect the size of the plane to be so small. Even sideways her belly and butt brushed against every seat on the plane, as she got closer Jack saw that she was sucking in her belly and it was still tight for her.

Jack couldn't wait to see her try to get into a seat...a seat. Jack just realized she was still coming towards the back. She was sitting next to him! Jack almost fainted at this realization. She waddled herself all the way to Jack's row and tried to get her carry-on into the over head. Like her, her bag didn't fit on the plane. But in her attempt she leaned over Jack, her enormous belly hanging in front of him, most of it exposed between the too tight jeans and too tight shirt. Jack's initial guess of 350lbs might have been off a bit, he now believed her to be 400+. She leaned further in and her belly pushed up against his face, he was in heaven! Then she pulled away suddenly.

“Oh I'm sorry,” she said as she blushed and tried unsuccessfully to tug her shirt down over her belly.

“That's okay, here, let me give you a hand,” Jack stood up and shoved her bag into the compartment. He stepped aside to let her into the seat.

“Thank you so much,” she said with a beautiful shy little smile.

Jack didn't follow her into the row immediately because he wanted to see how she was going to get herself into the seat. She squeezed in and sat down at the window. She wiggled her bottom in the chair. Jack had to sit down because he didn't want to make it obvious that he was staring. He could barely get into his seat because most of her left hip was hanging over the armrest against him. He looked over and she wiggled her butt again. She seemed really tall sitting next to him. Then he realized she wasn't even in the chair! She was sitting on the armrests! She was turning a little red as she tried desperately to squeeze herself between the armrests. This was an amazing show. Jack put on the smoothest persona he could muster up under the conditions.

“Would you like to lift the armrest up?” Jack asked.

She relaxed.

“Yes please.” She answered quietly.

She lifted herself up, which took several tries because apparently she had gotten enough of her bottom into the seat to get caught. Jack tried to casually lift the center armrest, but it didn't budge. He reached over to her armrest by the window but it didn't go up either. Neither did Jack's aisle armrest.

“Never mind, I guess the armrests don't go up in the last row. Sorry.” Jack hoped she wouldn't decide to change rows.

“Thank you anyway. I'm sure I can squeeze myself in,” she smiled to Jack but there was a look of hopelessness now that the armrests didn't go up, that she might not fit in the chair.

She sat down again, hips sitting on the armrests, far too wide to fit between them. She squirmed in her chair. Jack was in awe of this beautiful woman and her battle with this chair. She grabbed the armrests and tried to pull herself down into the chair. A stewardess walked by and noticed her squirming and stopped at the row. The woman quickly fell half into the seat and tried to hide the fact that she couldn't fit.

“Do you need a hand miss?” The stewardess asked discreetly.

“No thank you, I'm fine.” The woman answered with a nervous smile.

The stewardess walked away. The woman pulled herself out of the chair and began to try again. She looked over and noticed Jack staring.

“Enjoying the show?” she said smiling.

Jack was sort of flustered because he'd been caught.

“That's okay, I won't charge you if you can help me get into this seat.” She gave Jack a warmer, more sexual smile.

Jack stopped stuttering enough to say, “Okay. What do you need me to do?”
The woman sat on the armrests, and looked down at herself to take in the situation. “Well, without being too obvious, can you push me down into the seat?”

John leaned around to face her, he placed his hands on her knees and then looked up to her for approval.

“I think you need to be higher than that,” she said coyly.

Jack slid his hands to her mid thigh and looked up again. Even with the impossibly tight jeans she felt very soft.

She giggled and blushed, “higher...”

Jack slid his hands up further. The woman placed her hands on his and slid his hands up her legs to where her belly sat on her lap. She paused and then slid his hands around to her hips.

“There we go.” She grabbed the armrests ready to pull herself into the seat.

“On three?” Asked Jack.

The woman nodded and Jack counted off and began to push down on her hips. With all her might she pulled herself down between the armrests. After what felt like forever she popped between the armrests, surprised by her sudden drop she let out a squeak. The chair also made some very audible sounds of strain. Jack quickly slid back to his seat and she picked up a magazine, hiding from the few turning heads she attracted.

Jack found his seat a little more snug. Looking down he saw that the woman's hip had squished underneath the armrest and spread out onto his seat. Her love handles sat on the armrests, actually they too spread a little over into Jack's area. The woman's beautiful belly spread out on her lap and was mere inches away from touching the seat in front of them. The woman tried to tuck in her fat arms and sat like she was placing her hands on her lap.
They sat in silence for a second, then the woman leaned over to Jack.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Jack blushed, he didn't mean that to slip out, he tried to blow it off by extending his hand, “I'm Jack.”

“My name's Emme,” she said as she gently shook his hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen we'll be taking off in just a couple of minutes, the flight attendants are making one last cabin check.”

Emme casually sifted around herself for her seatbelt. Jack had already buckled his, and anticipating another show, was watching her. Emme grabbed the two seatbelts and pulled them around herself. She motioned to buckle them but found the hook and the buckle over a foot away from each other. She sucked in and attempted again but it was no use. The woman buzzed the flight attendant.

“Can I help you miss?”

“Yes,” Emme leaned as far forward as her wedged hips would allow and whispered to the flight attendant, “do you have a seat belt extension?”

“I'm sorry, we don't have any on this flight, if we were still connected to the gate I could run out an get you one, but we're already taxiing. Do you need a hand?”

“No that's okay I can manage.”

The stewardess walked away and Emme returned to her seatbelt. She led several more unsuccessful attempts and then noticed Jack staring again.

“I think I may need another volunteer from the audience.”

Jack was flustered again for being caught a second time, but composed himself quickly.

“What can I do?”

“Well, what if I suck in and pull in my belly while you buckle my seatbelt.”


Emme grabbed her belly that was sitting in her lap and lifted it in and up as she tried to lean back (their chairs didn't recline because they were in the last row). Jack tried to buckle the belt but it was still half a foot away from reaching each other. Emme let go of her belly and exhaled, letting her belly spill onto Jack's arms. Jack slid his hands out from under her apron of fat and sat back in his seat.

“Want to try again?”

Emme looked down at herself again.

“Yes, but the only way I can pull my belly up any higher is if I unbutton these jeans.” Emme arched her back and tried to undo the jeans but the force of her sitting belly on the seams made them too tight to unbutton. “I need another quick hand.”

Jack quickly leaned over and undid the jeans. Emme's belly spilled out onto her lap forcing the zipper open.

“Okay,” she rubbed her belly relieved that it was free from its restraints, “lets say we try that again.

Emme lifted up her belly and sucked in. Jack leaned over and strained to pull the seatbelt together. It was so close, inches away. Jack moved in closer and pulled with all his might as the belt came together and latched. Emme exhaled and let her belly spill over the seat belt.

“Ooo, its cold.” She smiled to Jack and tried unsuccessfully to cover her enormous belly with her shirt, which seemed to ride further up on her belly every time Jack looked over. “Thanks again.”

“Like I said, it's my pleasure.” Jack meant to say it that time.

Emme blushed.

“Where do you go to school?” She asked, trying to keep the conversation alive.

“USC, how about you, do you go to school in LA?” Jack was hoping he could use this as a route to reach her number.

“Loyola Marymount.”

“Ladies and gentlemen the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign and we will be serving a midnight snack in the cabin in just a moment to those of you who are still awake.”

Emme looked over to Jack and then down to her belly.

“I think after all that work I'll just leave my seatbelt buckled.”

They both chuckled. Jack flipped down his tray table. Emme went to do the same, but the table only fell a couple inches before it met Emme's belly and stopped.

“Do you need help again?” Asked Jack with a huge grin.

“I hope I can get this by myself, but I may be wrong.” Emme grabbed her belly and pulled it up and in with one arm as she tried to lower the tray with the other. Finally it was obvious she couldn't do it herself so Jack leaned over and tried to force the tray table down while Emme pulled in her stomach with both hands. Having gotten the tray down Emme let it go and watched as her belly poured onto the table, leaving no room for a drink.

“I guess I'll just put it on your table if you don't mind.”

“Not at all.”

Emme tried to put the table back up, but couldn't get it out from under her belly, she gave up quickly. Jack motioned to help

“Forget it, we'll get it later.”

The stewardess rolled up the cart. Emme was quite the sight, her belly lifted up over the belt and onto the try table, forcing her shirt to just below her breasts. The stewardess just put the drinks on Jack's tray.

“Would either of you care for some peanuts or pretzels?”

“May I have one of each please?” asked Emme with a warm smile.

“Can I have two of each please?” asked Jack.

The stewardess passed them the food and moved back to the front of the plane. Emme placed the bag of peanuts on her belly as she opened the pretzels. Jack looked at her extra bag sitting on her belly and then up to her face.

“Well, I'm a growing girl.”

“And more beautiful with every pound I'm sure.”

Emme blushed but tried to brush off the statement.

“And what about you?” Emme said looking to his pile of bags.

“Oh, I'm not having any, but like you said, you're a growing girl.”

Emme laughed.

“Why thank you.” She reached over and picked up the bags, placing them in a pile on her belly.

It was only a matter of minutes before all the bags and both drinks were finished by Emme. She and Jacked chit chatted for another hour. Nothing about her size or his preference for bigger women, just talking about college and LA. Finally at about 12:45am Emme had to pause the conversation to go to sleep, she still had some driving to do when they got off the plane. Jack stayed up another 15 minutes looking at her beautiful body, stuffed into the tiny chair, then he dozed off. At about 2:15 he awoke to a tap on his shoulder.



“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Sorry, let me let you out.”

Jack unbuckled his seatbelt and began to stand up, but Emme pulled him back down in his seat.

“No, I think I need your help to get out of this seat.”

Jack looked over. The tray table was still wedged in her belly, she placed her hands on the armrests and pushed up, but didn't move.

“I think I'm stuck.”

Jack could barely swallow. This was a dream for him.

“I guess we'll start with the tray table.”

Emme lifted her belly and Jack pulled and pushed the tray table but it was stuck under her belly. Jack took one hand and pulled her belly up further and managed to squeeze the table up.


“Well we're not done yet.”

Emme went to unbuckle the seat belt but with all the flesh laying on top she couldn't undo the buckle. So she lifted her belly again and Jack undid the seatbelt.

“Now the hard part,” said Emme with a sound of worry in her voice.

She placed her hands on the armrests and pushed up but she didn't budge.

“I was afraid this would happen when you first pushed me in.”

“Afraid what would happen.” Jack knew she was stuck but, he wanted to hear her say it.

“I'm stuck, my hips are wedged in between these armrests.”

Jack couldn't help but smile. He looked around and then back to Emme.

“Well, everyone's asleep, I think even the flight attendants. How about I pull?”

“Okay, but I don't think you could lift me even if I wasn't stuck.”

“Why, how much do you weigh?” Jack thought he was pretty smooth how he worked in that question so innocently.

“Well...3- ...407...” She was really shy about saying this.

Jack wasn't a muscle man, but he was pretty well built, he was feeling confident.

“Only 407? Oh I think we can get you out no problem.”

Emme smiled, relieved by his optimism. Jack stood up and took Emme's hands. He placed one foot on the center armrest and pulled...and pulled...and pulled...but she didn't budge.

“Maybe I shouldn't have had that extra bag of peanuts.” Emme said smiling, but she was started to worry that she was really stuck.

“Okay, I have an idea, I think we can get you out one half at a time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like we pull out one hip and then pull out the other, instead of trying to squeeze them both out through those armrests.”

Emme looked off to each side at her hips and then back up to Jack.

“Okay, which one do you want to start with?”

“The side by the window, because it isn't spread out under the armrest.”


“You don't mind do you?” Jack asked as he motioned to place his hands on her hips.

“It would be my pleasure,” she said smiling seductively.

Jack squeezed his hands between Emme's hip and the armrest. It was so soft he thought. Leaning completely over her, Jack was hoping she couldn't feel his erection, which he had since she walked on the plane. Grabbing two handfuls of fat on her hips Jack pulled up as hard as he could. Emme leaned over onto Jack’s seat, grabbing the aisle armrest and pulling trying to free her rear. Jack slid one hand around her hip to her ass and grabbed another handful. Emme let out a cute little squeak. They both smiled. Finally her right hip began to slide out. Her right butt cheek free she was able to get out of the seat.

“What about your jeans?”

“Forget it, I'm only going three feet, and everyone's asleep.”

Jack sat down and she walked behind him to the bathroom. Jack couldn't help but watch her try to get through the narrow door, this had the potential to be the best show yet. Emmie opened the door and naively tried to walk in facing forward. Stopping immediately at her belly, she looked around to see if anyone noticed and saw Jack. She winked to him and turned herself sideways. She squeezed one of her massive thighs through but her belly and butt proved more difficult. After much squeezing she found herself exactly halfway through the door. She paused, out of breath, she felt a hand touch the butt cheek that was still outside the door.

“Need some help?” Asked Jack turned around in his chair to watch.

“That's okay I think I can make it, but thanks for being my Johnny-on-the-Spot.”

Emme grabbed her enormous belly and pulled it in while she sucked in and in one big heave she managed to squeeze into the bathroom. Once inside though more problems presented themselves. Moving all the way to the far side she closed the door. Still standing sideways her butt touched on side of the bathroom while her belly pressed against the mirror.

She attempted to turn her self to use the toilet but, facing forward it was so tight she couldn't pull down her pants. So she struggled and turned herself back sideways, lowered her jeans and underwear and turned towards the door again. Her exposed flesh squeaked against the walls of the bathroom. Jack laid back in his seat. He was living a dream. This beautiful college girl, 407lbs and seemingly unconcerned about her size. Getting stuck, needing his help. He was in heaven. Then he heard a knocking noise. He looked around, but everyone in the cabin was still asleep. Then he heard it again.

“Jack.” Said a voice from behind him.

Jack turned to the bathroom wall.


“I need your help again.” It was Emme.

“Help with what.” Jack knew exactly what she meant but was having a lot of fun.

“I'm stuck.”

Jack stood up and walked to the bathroom door. It was locked.

“Open it up.”

“I can't reach it...wait, there we go.”

The door unlocked and Jack walked in. There before him sat Emme. Jeans and panties down around her ankles, she couldn't reach them around her massive thighs and belly to cover herself. Jack's eyes followed her beautifully smooth legs to the problem. Emme's hips pressed tightly against both walls. Her right hip was wedged underneath a railing, used to hold onto in case of turbulence, and her left hip was wedged underneath the sink counter. She looked up at him with beautiful puppy dog eyes.


Jack smiled and she smiled back. He took her hands and pulled, but she seemed even more stuck than in the airplane seat. After several minutes of pulling she wasn't showing any signs of budging. Jack then leaned and wrapped his arms around her, at least as far around her as he could get his arms. He was about a foot and a half short of getting all the way around. Emme hugged him back and he tried to lift her up. It wasn't going to happen. He let go and they stood thinking, like trying to solve a puzzle. Then Jack looked over to the sink, then to the soap. He pressed the button and some soap squirted out, he looked to Emme.

“I think we need a lubricant.”

“Anything, I just want to get out.”

Jack could tell from her voice she was beginning to get flustered. He wet his hands and got a handful of soap. He took the soap over and placed his hands on Emme's hips.

“Oooo, its cold.” She laughed.

Jack very sensually spread the soap across her massive hips. He tried to slip some in between her hip and the obstacles. She was getting very slippery. Jacks hands slipped from her hips to other parts of her body, parts that weren't stuck. She moved his hands across the rolls on her sides, making sure to get in every crease.

“It tickles.” She laughed.

Jack dried off his hands and took Emme's hands. They pulled...and pulled...and pulled. Finally she began to slide out of her position. Free and standing, Jack helped her wash off the soap. Emme turned sideways, but couldn't bend over to reach her jeans and panties. Jack leaned down and began to pull them up. He could get up her underwear, but her jeans were very tight. After a lot of pulling and tugging he got them over her hips. She turned to face him and went to button them, but she was about 6 inches short. Suddenly overwhelmed Emme let go of her jeans and began to cry.

“I'm so fat, I'm too fat.”

Jack lifted her head and looked her in the eyes. Jack took her jeans and pulling with all his might buttoned them and zipped them.

“See, they still fit.”

Emme just whimpered in response. Jack placed his hands on her belly, and slide them around to her sides.

“'re beautiful.”

Jack kissed her. Suddenly passion overwhelmed them both and they embraced kissing wildly. Jack undid her jeans and pushed them down as she pulled off his shirt. He peeled off her shirt as she undid his pants. Jack pushed her down onto the toilet.

“I'm stuck again.”

“We'll get you out later.”

They made love in the bathroom, with every thrust Emme was pushed tighter and tighter into the seat. Her flesh rippled as she came. When they were both thoroughly satisfied. Jack soaped up her hips and pulled her free again.

“Well, leave your jeans unbuttoned this time, they need to be undone for your seat belt anyway.” Jack smiled.

Jack opened the door and Emme playfully attempted to walk through facing forward. Stopping at her belly she turned back to Jack with mock surprise.

“I think I need your help, I'm too fat.” She winked.

Jack kissed the back of her neck. She turned herself sideways and he pushed her through the door. She slid to her seat and sat on the armrests. Jack came over and placed his hands on her hips. He kissed her and pushed her into her seat. She playfully lifted up her belly. Jack grabbed the seatbelt, and kissed her belly as he buckled it.

“I hope I don't have to fly often, unless you happen to fly with me everywhere.” Emme smiled.

“I'll follow you around the world and help you fit into anything and anywhere your heart desires.”

They kissed again. When their flight landed Jack pulled her out of her seat, buttoned her jeans, and they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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