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I hope you get a chance to actually read HUNGRY FOR MORE.(It's available on

I am in no way telling folks to lose weight if they don't want to. In fact just the opposite. My message is one of self-love and self-acceptance no matter what your size. Sadly, this kind of self-appreciation was what Cathy lacked most. SHe wasted years and years of her life on and off diets, travelling from N.Y. to L.A. to T.J. looking for the magic pill to lose weight and to fill the void inside. My sister was beautiful, but she never saw herself that way-despite having what many feel was the American dream, ie husband, healthy children, wonderful, warm home, large extended families and diehard friends. It was never enough.

Weight loss surgery is big business now. Lots of people are risking it who do not "qualify." In fact, a good friend of mine schemed and scammed and finally got an insurance company to cover her lapband surgery on the false claim that she had "sleep apnea." (maybe it's just the weird and wonderful in L.A. that do these things...mmm... ) Anyway, she is eating like she always did. So far the surgery has made no difference.

International Size Acceptance Association and the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance are listed as resources in the back of HUNGRY FOR MORE and on my website. Marilyn Wenn from FAT!SO, knows of my work and has responded positively.

BTW, this kind of dialogue for an author is heaven. thanks again.
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