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Default Kind of long (sorry)

Good idea, AM... I had wanted to reply to this topic earlier but didn't get around to it. Thanks for the second chance.

I don't think that there can necessarily be any concrete lines drawn between a person exhibiting "feederish" tendencies and their mental stability (other than perhaps a handful of annecdotal incidents.) I do believe however, that there is something undeniably and inherantly destructive about federism, for any and all parties involved, regardless of whether the idea of intentionally overeating and gaining weight makes you sick to your stomach or all hot and bothered.

Some might argue that showing any kind of "self-destructive behavior" is a sign of deeper-rooted emotional or psychological issues. However, each of us is different, and we will all exhibit different behaviors as a means of expressing or coping with our varying emotional issues; just because one person has mental or emotional issues and is also a feeder or feedee, it does not mean that all feeders and feedees will necessarily have these same issues. By the same token, not all people with mental or emotional issues are going to exhibit the same kinds of behaviors. In some cases we may see said issues manifest themselves in eating disorders for example, or some kind self-abuse or mutilation. Some may just become withdrawn and depressed. Really it is quite fascinating, if you look at it, the many different ways that the human mind deals with trauma and dysfunction.

Now this destructive side of feederism may occur to varying degrees of severity, but is destructive none the less. After all, how bad is it really to allow oneself to overindulge a bit on occasion for pleasure when compared to compulsively overeating and gaining weight to the point where it is almost beyond one's control? None the less, in both cases one is making a conscious decision to "throw caution to the wind" as it were, and gratify their immediate and base desire for indulgance and overindulgance, regardless of the potential risks. In fact, it might even be said that it is indeed this very destructiveness that is the main attraction for feeders and feedees, much in the same way that people are attracted to drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, or any other so-called "reckless" behavior.

There is a certain excitement in the notion of letting go, loosing control of a situation, getting lost in the moment or experience. It is indeed a thrill, almost a life affirming experience to allow yourself to get swept away in your passion for something that all else becomes inconsequential. This I think is one of things that personally has interested me in feederism all these years. Total self-indulgance, self-gratification, with no regard for anyone or anything else; it's just you and the food, nothing else. The consequences of your actions? We'll worry about those tomorrow! Right now, it's all about the moment. It's all about attempting to satisfy the insatiable, to quench the unquenchable, completely giving into temptaion and getting lost in your desires.

But of course, there are always consequences to such actions. Aren't there? Aside from weight gain and the matters of physical health that go along with it, there are a host psychological and emotional issues that go along with granting yourself the power to satisfy your every whim at a moments notice. (How easy is it for us to become addicted to a behavior that gives us so much pleasure and excitement all at once?) Not to mention the fact that the concept of "gluttony" truly can be considered "sinful," in the face of those oh so many people around the world who are starving and must go without what so many of us here take for granted!

And then there is yet another issue: how does this apply when you have a person for whom it their desire to see someone else do all the "indulging?" It's almost as if the "feeder" is living vicariously through his "feedee," allowing her to experience all of this decadence and "sinfulness" and saving himself the from the "consequences" that follow. Of course, there are control issues that can be involved as well. There are surely incidents where the "feeder" in question is really just an abusive person whos mission it is to dis-empower someone and take control over them. Part of it may be a matter of safety in numbers: as if the feeder says, "if this other person (the feedee) is doing what I want to do, in fact is doing it even MORE than I am or ever have, then really how bad can I be?" More still, I think the desire for "excess" can be sexually stimulating for many people (especially for those with addictive personality types) and this may the attraction for many others still.

I've been coming to this place for a long time, and it was my interest in wg and feederism (particularly as they apply to the bbw and ssbbw) that brought me here. Make no mistake about that! This post is in no way "anti-feeder" nor is it "pro-feeder." I'm not looking to get involved with that debate here and now. This is simply a collection of thoughts and observations on the subject. We've spoken often here about the delicate balance between fantasy and reality, but there always seems to be a "safety line" of sorts that no one dares cross; we want to keep it real without spoiling the fun. I don't want to spoil the fun either, but maybe (at least for me in my life) it's time to start keeping it a little more real where all of this is concerned.
Peace and love,
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