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big_gurl_lvr does more than just post hot picsbig_gurl_lvr does more than just post hot picsbig_gurl_lvr does more than just post hot pics

Health, health, health - most important concern in that temptating fantasy (for me). I would never ever ask somebody to gain on purpose for me - no way. I don't want anybody taking consequences of my decisions or choices. If my partner want to do it... i'm ok with it but still would be concerned about health and wouldn't like her to cross health/mobility/good living standart barier. It's also comming from me being selfish - I want partner not somebody totally depended on me... cause it wont be fun. So concluding + couple pounds, yes it's cute, + couple houndred pounds and major effect on health, life quality etc. no way... not a nice thing for me.... I see feeding more like time to time roleplay... more or less frequently... it can turn both people on and have no side effects.
I don't want to insult anybody here... people who are gaining a lot or gained on purpose - you know better how to live your life... it is just my privat opinion...and I hope you are very happy now!
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