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Default Heavy Debt 3 - by JP (SSBBW, Sci-Fi, Force-Feeding, ~XWG)

Part 3 - The Contest

Helga woke up to the sounds of water boiling and some foam hitting the red-hot electric burner. The sweaty funk of hot dogs was thick in the air, causing her mouth to water as she came fully awake.

From her position, Joyce couldn’t see the kitchen where the smells were coming from; the bulk from her body, the limited motion of her head, and the way she was positioned meant she could only see the TV screen in front of her, which right now showed her in all her glory. The 10-foot screen had a perfect vantage point, the view slowly rotated around her massive form, giving Joyce and any onlookers an incredibly detailed look.

Joyce had no idea where the camera was, but she knew it was live as she saw her hand motions mirrored on the screen. On the edges of the screen were smaller views, picture-in-picture, of her at different weights throughout her weight gaining ordeal. There were 10 in total. The first showed her stripped naked on her bed; thin as she was when she was first captured. The next showed her with a bulging potbelly, maybe 200 pounds or so. The next showed a huge difference when she acquired her now colossal boobs.

Each successive picture detailed an amazing weight gain in such a short time, the video looping back to its start, showing maybe 20 seconds of footage in total. Some were of her in the various ridiculous costumes she’d been made to wear, but most were just her naked in all her glory as she put on hundreds of pounds. The last of the 10 were of her when she woke up yesterday and saw herself for the first time since Helga had started using the NASCAR feeding machine.

Tears welled up in Joyce’s eyes as she watched this; she didn’t notice Helga walk up to her side watching the same videos in admiration. A meaty slap on one of Joyce’s flanks alerted her to Helga’s presence.

“Neat huh? A little trip down memory lane, eh, fatstuff? Danny put this together; he’s selling it now for $18.99 per download. Thinks we’ll make a killing. He’s probably right. Me? I think of this as an archive and a further reminder of just how much farther we have to go,” Helga said as she pinched and kneaded some of the fat rolls on Joyce’s hips.

Joyce tried to bury her head into the flab of her shoulder, but unfortunately the ring of fat that had become her neck prevented this. Helga nodded and headed back to the kitchen. “You’re just hungry. I’ve got breakfast for you. Don’t go anywhere.”

A few minutes later Joyce could hear the new dining tray being escalated to her on its robotic arm, and could smell the hot dogs even stronger. She didn’t want to, but her reflexes were already getting started, and she knew she’d be eating as soon as the tray was in reach. Opening her eyes she saw that nearly the entire tray was piled high with hot dogs; beef franks in the bun, and plastic tumblers filled with water. There were no condiments or anything on them, just plain steaming dogs by the dozen.

Joyce’s hands flew up to reach them, but the tray stopped just out of reach. Joyce grunted ineffectually as she strained to reach them, all she needed to do was lift her upper body the slightest bit and she’d make it.

“Oh come on!” whined Joyce. “Just let me eat if you’re going to make a pig out of me anyway!”

She was helpless to stop her grasping hands just inches from the food. And just as helpless to try and do the minimal amount of lifting to heft her huge torso in the slightest to sit up and reach the tray.

“Oh quit whining, I just needed to see your reaction time. This could be a problem. We might need to tie your hands down and set an automatic release or something. OK, there’s 75 dogs on the platter, get to it.”

The tray shot forward until it actually impacted into her flabby chest and spilled one of the tumblers of cool water onto her. She managed maybe half a gasp of shock before her hands got what they were reaching for, and soon she had half a hot dog crammed into her mouth, followed by another half from the other hand. She was in a machine-like rhythm immediately.

Each hand would grab a hot dog and begin stuffing it into her maw no matter how full it was, timing the bites between her efficient chewing. Helga watched and was timing the event with a stop watch, observing her technique and listening to the strange piggish grunts she made as she chewed, swallowed and breathed at the same time.

She polished off four dogs before she reached for one of the tumblers of water and guzzled about half of it and went back to the dogs. As usual, her eating was very neat. While she ate two dogs at a time, she ate every bit of them, very little was spilled, and even what was spilled she took the time to pick it up, even if it fell into one of her nearby folds or crevasses.

She was truly an eating machine, gobbling hot dogs like she was made to do it. To Joyce this seemed only slightly weirder than normal, but certainly was better than getting into some stupid costume and playing for a camera.

She still hadn’t quite caught on, but was starting to get an idea. Helga’s and Carlos’s cryptic comments, the fact that Helga was timing this on a stop watch, the food was precisely laid out in 5 piles of 15 hot dogs, 5 tumblers of water (even though one spilled) and no condiments. Helga usually put mayonnaise or chocolate on anything she could, and if she wasn’t drinking cream or a shake that was unusual. This was some kind of new arrangement they had for her, and though she knew next to nothing about these things, her gambler’s instincts told her that it was some kind of eating contest.

Helga was looking at the watch in disappointment. It was 7 minutes since they started and it looked like Joyce had finished the first bunch of 15 dogs, and was hitting the next pile with the same gusto, but she was way behind schedule. The record was 60.25 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Helga had no doubt that Joyce could eat that much or more in a sitting, but there was just no way she’d get there in the next 5 minutes. She kept the watch going though as Joyce mindlessly ate the hot dogs.

While Joyce had her suspicions, there wasn’t much she could do about them. She couldn’t resist the urge to eat now any more than when she first started, nor could she go any faster or more efficiently. Still she plowed through the dogs at a fast pace, gobbling them and chugging the water to wash them down. She would occasionally see herself in the huge TV screen, gorging like a mad woman, but then it was back to eating the pile of food. This was a bit new for her as well. While she had occasionally seen herself eating in the mirror before, this spectacle of her enforced gluttony further brought home her predicament.

Helga marked the results when it hit twelve minutes. There was a scale on the tray which gave her a much faster count then using her eyes. Joyce ate an impressive 32 hot dogs in only 12 minutes. She was still going strong too. Helga walked away, tapping her forehead thoughtfully, making an inhuman metallic clink as she did so.

She sat down at the kitchen counter to watch the rest of the show. Joyce had obvious signs of muscular fatigue at this point, but the doctor’s eating program overrode her fatigue and wouldn’t let her stop. Helga’s enhanced hearing could detect her main heart plus 2 of the mini-hearts implanted in her stepping up their blood flow to match her efforts so Joyce could still eat. She could also tell Joyce still had plenty of room; the way the food and water was sloshing around told her that she was just over half full of her stomach’s normal capacity. It could still stretch a great deal once it was full.

Joyce’s breath was huffing and snorting as she continued to stuff herself, her hair plastering to her head with sweat. At 23 minutes Joyce was at 61 hot dogs, eating the amount of the record holder, but 9 minutes late. She was slowing down also. She wasn’t even stretching her stomach yet, but her arms and jaws were just getting too tired, even with the doctor’s reinforcements. Still she dug into the last pile of hot dogs, the water all gone now. There was no lubrication for her any more. Helga was tempted to give her some more water, the rules stated they could have as much as they wanted, but she decided against it. "Let’s see what she can do," she thought.

Joyce soldiered on, the buns drying up the copious amounts of saliva she was producing. The stuffing of her mouth was becoming more pronounced. With every square millimeter of her mouth packed with food, she was waiting longer to swallow, but her hands were not acknowledging the simple fact that she had two and a half full dogs and buns in her mouth as they continued to jam in more food. She still managed to keep going, though. She knew that the only way she was going to stop was if she ran out of food or ran out of room. She didn’t panic either, because even with her mouth jammed to bursting with the food she could still breathe, and she’d been in positions like this before.

Helga retracted the tray at 36 minutes 42 seconds, when it held nothing but some sloshed water, empty tumblers, and soggy crumbs. There had to be a record there, thought Helga, 75 hot dogs in under an hour was still impressive by any standards. Both were also sure she could eat a substantial amount more also; her stomach was only now starting to get stretched from that amazing amount of food.

“Good job, fatass. We’ll be doing this again a bit later today, and every day this week. I need to study your technique and see if there’s any way we can tweak it,” Helga said as she went back to the kitchen and took stock of the hot dogs and buns they had ordered. It looked like enough to feed a baseball park at the World Series, which they figured should be just enough to last the week.

Joyce rested a bit, flexing her jaws as the food settled in. She was pleasantly full, but disliked all the work it took to get there. As unpleasant as the feeding pump was, at least it was fast. Eating at break neck speed for such a long time was exhausting. The TV screen meanwhile was showing repeats of her performance, looping it from the beginning every time it finished, so Joyce could watch her fat body jiggle and struggle to pack more food into her mouth. Joyce could swear she saw herself getting fatter as she struggled to assimilate the huge meal.

Joyce was uncomfortably hungry by the time Helga decided to feed her again. Helga was extra kind to her in that she taped a vibrating massager to her arms to relieve the tension. She also sprayed something on her cheeks and jowls, which helped ease the dull ache that had set in since her morning workout.

She couldn’t see, but Helga had prepared what looked to be twice as many hot dogs as this morning. The main tray was piled high like before, but there were also several smaller trays similarly loaded, and waiting under steamy heat lights. One large covered tumbler was on the tray with a thick tube straw protruding from it. When Helga stepped into Joyce’s vision again, she could see that she was hooked up to some kind of harness, with lines running up to the tracks on the ceiling. She also had a small head-cam attached to a headband she was sporting.

Helga adjusted her belt, and suddenly was rising into the air with a zinging noise, rising up till she was shoulder level with the slightly reclining Joyce.

“Round two, Tiny. Eat till you can’t. Hope you don’t mind if I watch,” said Helga, leaning close to whisper into Joyce’s ear.

From there, Helga rose further with the help of the lines, and shifted position until she was above Joyce’s mammoth belly. She gently lowered herself until she was resting easily on her belly, her legs straddling the hill of flesh that Joyce had become. Helga was staring right into Joyce’s face, giving her one of her mischievous grins as she hit a button on the remote control she carried. With a mechanical hum, the dining tray was lifting first up and then into place. Joyce was already eating before the tray was locked in, her cheeks flushed with the closeness and intimacy of Helga, who watched the spectacle as if it was the most fascinating thing in the world to her.

Helga’s weight was only slightly felt by Joyce; the lines took most of it. Helga once told Joyce that she weighed 327 pounds due to all the metal in her. What bothered her more though was how Helga was just completely absorbed in watching her eat. Every now and then she reached for a dangling hose and refilled Joyce’s water bottle without interrupting her eating. Her head was propped onto her hands, with her elbows planted into what would have been Joyce’s sternum if it wasn’t buried under inches of flab, giving Helga and her camera a very close and intimate view of the process.

Joyce was making the same steady progress as before, without some of the other discomfort. Her jaws were responding well, and weren’t tired or cramping like before. Her arms were tired, but kept doing their job. The fact that she had water was a plus also. Earlier she had gotten to the 58th dog before she had run out. Now she was always obliged with fresh water from Helga, plus it was easier to drink.

Helga checked her watch and saw that Joyce’s time was better. She was at 61 hot dogs at only 21 minutes 12 seconds. The little muscle relaxer and pain killer she gave to Joyce was helping, as was the water, she suspected. She lifted herself off of Joyce’s filling stomach and retrieved another tray of 30 hot dogs from the warmer, and hoisted herself back into position, carefully piling the dogs on the dining tray, where there was a lot more room.

At 31 minutes and 53 seconds 75 dogs were down the hatch, and Helga could feel that now was the real eating. Helga stroked Joyce’s stomach, pressing a bit to test Joyce’s limits.

Helga’s evil smile played on her lips as she addressed Joyce. “Your stomach’s full, sweetie, but now it needs to be packed. Now we’ll see if all that stomach stretching had an impact. We need to see how much you can eat on your own without my assistance … except keeping your tray full.”

Joyce groaned at this, she hated when they revealed their plans, and of course she also knew that they knew she hated it.

Joyce didn’t disappoint. She plowed right on ahead, stuffing the 76th and 77th dog into her mouth and taking a gulp of water. She was in a kind of haze at this point; tunnel vision had set in as she mechanically grabbed the next and then the next dog after that. Joyce never tried keeping count in the first place, and she had no idea how much she’d eaten or how much time had gone by. The only thing she knew were the damn hot dogs, which Helga seemed to have an unlimited supply of. Grab, stuff, chew, swallow. Hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, water, then more hot dogs. Her stomach was very full, and she was becoming more keenly aware of even the slight weight Helga was resting on her. Helga seemed to read her mind and so rose up off of her to suspend above her and get a bird’s eye view of this eating clinic.

Helga’s vantage gave her a view she hadn’t enjoyed before. She could see from above just how much her stomach filled up when it was gradually stuffed like this. It truly was an awesome sight. What started as a flaccid flesh bag was now a protruding dome-like mass, moving Joyce’s massive tits off to the side and out of the way.

She could also see that Joyce was tiring. This might be a first for her, where her arms literally gave up eating while she still had room and food in front of her. She was no longer double stuffing the dogs, but eating one at a time. One hand clumsily pushing it into her mouth, while the other grabbed a dog, but rested on the tray for a few moments before going back to methodically stuffing her mouth. Helga could definitely tell Joyce was rather full, but she’d taken her well past this stage before.

Joyce was slowing to a crawl. Her jaws were slack as they tried to chew the mass of food that was still slowly being forced into her. Her breathing was labored through her nostrils, and she just looked exhausted; her hair was plastered to her head with sweat, her eyes were constantly rolling, and her hands quivered up to her shoulders, jiggling the plump and dimpled flesh.

When she finished one more dog and the left hand could not stir itself off the tray with the dog it had grabbed, Helga knew she was done. She looked at the scale reading, and did some quick mental math and figured that Joyce had just eaten 112 hot dogs and buns in 1 hour and 42 minutes. At no time was there an actual rest break or stop. No spitting up, throwing up, or begging off. Just solid eating and she could still do more if she had the strength.

Helga nodded with satisfaction and even gave a polite handclap for her prize fatty. “Nicely done, skinny. Nicely done. OK, let’s wrap this up,” she said as she lowered herself and the tray out of Joyce’s fevered sight. She could weakly see herself in the TV screen, bloated and exhausted. Her eyes dimmed and started to close, she was so tired she just wanted a nap…

She was woken up rudely as the breath rushed out of her lungs in a comical "woof!". Opening her eyes in surprise she saw that Helga was straddling her again, this time further up her torso, her legs spread apart to lay on each of her breasts and easily pin her arms, which were now too weak to lift themselves, let alone the crazy cyborg nurse.

The dining tray had returned off to the side also, packed just as high with hot dogs when they first started this feeding session. Helga’s menacing grin was from ear to ear as she grabbed the first hot dog and brought it up to Joyce’s lips. Despite the fullness and exhaustion she felt, her lips opened and she accepted the dog being forced into her mouth to reach the back of her throat. “Noooo..umph!” she managed to groan before she was cut off with the hot dog.

“We’re not even done with round 2 yet, fatty,” said Helga, as she grabbed the next dog while Joyce chewed and tears ran down her bloated cheeks. “Besides, you know how I hate to waste food…”

(Story continued in post 140 of this thread)

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